Herbarium Information Standards and Protocols for Interchange of Data

HISPID is a standard format for the interchange of electronic herbarium specimum information. HISPID has been developed by a committee of representativies from all Australian Herbaria. This interchange standard was first published in 1989, with a revised version published in 1993.

HISPID3 (published 1996) is available here. For later versions, go to new HISCOM Wiki pages

See also document on Reduction of Costs in Herbarium Data-entry in Australia Using HISPID3


The HISPID3 document is provided in two forms. HISPID3 can be accessed as a complete document or by logical groups of field descriptors and related comments. Also a description is provided for the design of the transfer codes used in HISPID3.

HISPID3 is available as a printed document from HISCOM

1 HISPID3 The complete document [267k]

1 HISPID3 In Bits

1 HISPID3 & ITF2 Transfer Codes - Design Notes