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Briggs, Barbara G (17 Dec 1997) Obituary: L.A.S. Johnson. Telopea 7(3) : 177-180.
Full Article pdf (74.4KB)
Wiltshire, R. J. and Stace, Helen M. (17 Dec 1997) The cytotaxonomy of four Tasmanian genera of Proteaceae. Telopea 7(3) : 181-185.
Full Article pdf (146.6KB)
Hill, Kenneth D. (17 Dec 1997) New taxa in Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) from New South Wales and Queensland. Telopea 7(3) : 187-198.
Full Article pdf (272.5KB)
Weston, Peter H. and Johnson, Lawrence AS (17 Dec 1997) Persoonia hindii (Proteaceae), a new species from the Newnes Plateau, New South Wales. Telopea 7(3) : 199-203.
Full Article pdf (126KB)
Barker, Nigel P. (17 Dec 1997) The relationships of Amphipogon, Elytrophorus and Cyperochloa (Poaceae) as suggested by rbcL sequence data. Telopea 7(3) : 205-213.
Full Article pdf (85.7KB)
Makinson, Robert O. and Mallinson, D. J. (17 Dec 1997) Muehlenbeckia tuggeranong (Polygonaceae), a new species from the Canberra district. Telopea 7(3) : 215-219.
Full Article pdf (78.1KB)
Raza Bhatti, G. and Ingrouille, Martin J. (17 Dec 1997) The sexual status of Colebrookea (Labiatae). Telopea 7(3) : 221-225.
Full Article pdf (131.1KB)
Barker, William R. (17 Dec 1997) Taxonomic studies in Euphrasia (Scrophulariaceae). VIII. E. ruptura, a name for a species apparently extinct in northeastern New South Wales. Telopea 7(3) : 227-230.
Full Article pdf (51.9KB)
Conn, Barry J. (17 Dec 1997) Four rare and/or threatened new species of Prostanthera Section Prostanthera (Labiatae) from New South Wales. Telopea 7(3) : 231-244.
Full Article pdf (263.2KB)
Bean, Anthony R. (17 Dec 1997) A revision of Baeckea (Myrtaceae) in eastern Australia, Malesia and south-east Asia. Telopea 7(3) : 245-268.
Full Article pdf (241.1KB)
Linder, H. Peter (17 Dec 1997) Nomenclatural corrections in the Rytidosperma complex (Danthonieae, Poaceae). Telopea 7(3) : 269-274.
Full Article pdf (55.4KB)
Gilmore, Simon and Hill, Kenneth D. (17 Dec 1997) Relationships of the Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) and a molecular phylogeny of the Araucariaceae. Telopea 7(3) : 275-291.
Full Article pdf (170.5KB)
Michael, Peter W. (17 Dec 1997) Notes on Verbena officinalis sensu stricto and V. macrostachya (Verbenaceae) with new combinations in two closely related taxa. Telopea 7(3) : 293-297.
Full Article pdf (70.7KB)
Michael, Peter W. (17 Dec 1997) A putative hybrid in Verbena (Verbenaceae) and the application of the name V. brasiliensis. Telopea 7(3) : 299-300.
Full Article pdf (45.9KB)
Jacobs, Surrey W.L. and Everett, Joy (17 Dec 1997) Jarava plumosa (Gramineae), a new combination for the species formerly known as Stipa papposa. Telopea 7(3) : 301-302.
Full Article pdf (38.5KB)
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