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Archer, Alan W. (14/12/2004) Additions to the lichen flora of Fiji and Vanuatu based on Graphidaceae in the F.R.M. Wilson collection at the National Herbarium of New South Wales. Telopea 10(4) : 771-776.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (55.9KB)
Sage, L. W. (14/12/2004) Scaevola archeriana (Goodeniaceae), a new species from the Esperance Plains bioregion of Western Australia. Telopea 10(4) : 777-780.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (52.9KB)
Spence, Philip J. (14/12/2004) Dendrobium crassilabium (Orchidaceae: Dendrobieae), a new species from papua New Guinea, Northern Province. Telopea 10(4) : 781-786.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (120.8KB)
Weston, Peter H. and Turton, M. (14/12/2004) Phebalium bifidum (Rutaceae), a new species from the Capertee Valley, New South Wales. Telopea 10(4) : 787 - 792.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (155.2KB)
Thomson, John A. (14/12/2004) Towards a taxonomic revision of Pteridium (Dennstaedtiaceae). Telopea 10(4) : 793-804.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (116.7KB)
Walsh, Neville G. (14/12/2004) A new species of Leionema (Rutaceae) from south-eastern New South Wales. Telopea 10(4) : 805 - 810.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (587.6KB)
Conn, Barry J., Brown, Elizabeth A. and Fairley, Alan T. (14/12/2004) Utricularia sandersonii (Lentibulariaceae), a new record for Australia. Telopea 10(4) : 811-814.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (114KB)
Horton, Bryony M., Crayn, Darren M., Clarke, Steve W. and Washington, Haydn (14/12/2004) Leionema scopulinum (Rutaceae), a new species from Wollemi National Park. Telopea 10(4) : 815-822.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (504KB)
Thiele, Kevin R. and West, Judith G. (14/12/2004) Spyridium burragorang (Rhamnaceae), a new species from New South Wales, with new combinations for Spyridium buxifolium and Spyridium scortechinii. Telopea 10(4) : 823-829.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (151.3KB)
Bean, Anthony R. (14/12/2004) Three new species of Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) from Queensland and northern New South Wales.. Telopea 10(4) : 831-838.
Abstract | Full Article pdf (235.5KB)
Jacobs, Surrey W.L. (14/12/2004) Short Communication - A new combination in Lachnagrostis (Gramineae). Telopea 10(4) : 839.
Full Article pdf (35.9KB)
Jacobs, Surrey W.L. (14/12/2004) Short Communication - Lectotypification of Alisma oligococcum F.Muell. (Alismataceae). Telopea 10(4) : 840.
Full Article pdf (32KB)
Papassotiriou, Sabine E. (14/12/2004) Short Communication - Lectotypification of five Australian species of floating-leaved Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae). Telopea 10(4) : 841.
Full Article pdf (48.1KB)
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