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Orchard, Anthony E. (07/09/2005) Paenula storyi, a new genus and species related to Ixodia and Haeckeria (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae). Telopea 11(1) : 1-9.
Full Article pdf (327.6KB)
Kurzweil, Hubert, Weston, Peter H. and Perkins, Andrew J. (07/09/2005) Morphological and ontogenetic studies on the gynostemium of some Australian members of Diuridae and Cranichideae (Orchidaceae). Telopea 11(1) : 11-33.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Pellow, Belinda J. and Porter, John L. (07/09/2005) A new species of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) from Nocoleche Nature Reserve, Far Western Plains, New South Wales. Telopea 11(1) : 35-41.
Full Article pdf (2.7MB)
Kazandjian, Aniuska A. and Wilson, Peter G. (07/09/2005) Reassessment of Indigofera pratensis var. coriacea Domin and var. angustifolia Domin (Fabaceae: Faboideae) with the recognition of a new species. Telopea 11(1) : 43-51.
Full Article pdf (468.9KB)
Briggs, Barbara G (07/09/2005) Lectotypification of Schoenodum tenax (Restionaceae) and a note on the type of Lyginia imberbis (Anarthriaceae). Telopea 11(1) : 53-58.
Full Article pdf (94.4KB)
Archer, Alan W. (07/09/2005) New combinations and synonymies in the Australian Graphidaceae. Telopea 11(1) : 59-78.
Full Article pdf (165.9KB)
Millott, Jacqueline C. and McDougall, Keith L. (07/09/2005) A new species of Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae) from the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. Telopea 11(1) : 79-86.
Full Article pdf (549.8KB)
Skinner, Stephen and Entwisle, Timothy J. (07/09/2005) A colligate Spirogyra (Zygnemataceae, Zygnematophyceae) in Australia.. Telopea 11(1) : 87-89.
Full Article pdf (479KB)
Skinner, Stephen, McPherson, Hannah and Towler, Gillian M. (07/09/2005) A new Zygnemopsis species (Zygnemataceae, Zygnematophyceae), with mature zygospores, from Australia. Telopea 11(1) : 91-93.
Full Article pdf (550.5KB)
Hewson, Helen J. (07/09/2005) Justice for Justice Barron Field. Telopea 11(1) : 95-98.
Full Article pdf (85.6KB)
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