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(16/02/2011) Publications by Surrey Jacobs: 1946-2009. Telopea 13(1-2) : 1-12.
Full Article pdf (776.8KB)
Wilson, Karen L. (16/02/2011) Surrey Wilfrid Laurence Jacobs 1946-2009. Telopea 13(1-2) : 13-21.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Les, Donald H. (16/02/2011) Surrey W. L. Jacobs (1946-2009) and aquatic plant research in Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 23-35.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Barkworth, M.E. (16/02/2011) The Triticeae (Gramineae) in Australasia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 37-56.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Barrett, Russell L. and Barrett, Matthew D. (16/02/2011) Two new species of Triodia (Poaceae: Triodieae) from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 57-67.
Full Article pdf (1.9MB)
Briggs, Barbara G (16/02/2011) Ecdeiocolea rigens, a new species of Ecdeiocoleaceae (Poales) from Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 69-75.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Bruhl, Jeremy J. and Whalley, Wal (16/02/2011) Walwhalleya jacobsiana (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 77-92.
Full Article pdf (1.4MB)
March, Robert H. and Clark, Lynn (16/02/2011) Sun-shade variation in bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) leaves. Telopea 13(1-2) : 93-104.
Full Article pdf (1.6MB)
Clarkson, John R., Karan, Mirko and Evans, Darren S. (16/02/2011) A report of hybridisation in Hymenachne (Poaceae, Panicoideae) with description of Hymenachne x calamitosa, a new species of hybrid origin from tropical Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 105-114.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Teerawatananon, Atchara, Jacobs, Surrey W.L. and Hodkinson, Trevor (16/02/2011) Phylogenetics of Panicoideae (Poaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Telopea 13(1-2) : 115-142.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Shepherd, Kelly A. and Trudgen, Malcolm E. (16/02/2011) Eragrostis surreyana (Poaceae) an uncommon, habitat restricted new species from the Pilbara Bioregion of Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 143-148.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Simon, Bryan K. and Cowie, Ian D. (16/02/2011) A new species of Aristida L. (Poaceae: Aristidoideae: Aristideae) from northern Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 149-154.
Full Article pdf (863KB)
Vazquez, Francisco M. and Gutierrez-Esteban, Maria (16/02/2011) Classification of species of Stipa with awns having plumose distal segments. Telopea 13(1-2) : 155-176.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Williams, Alexander R. (16/02/2011) Austrostipa (Poaceae) subgenus Lobatae in Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 177-192.
Full Article pdf (3.6MB)
Borsch, Thomas, Loehne, Cornelia, Mbaye, Mame S. and Wiersema, John (16/02/2011) Towards a complete species tree of Nymphaea: shedding further light on subg. Brachyceras and its relationships to the Australian water-lilies. Telopea 13(1-2) : 193-217.
Full Article pdf (2.5MB)
Ito, Yu and Tanaka, Norio (16/02/2011) Hybridisation in a tropical seagrass genus, Halodule (Cymodoceaceae), inferred from plastid and nuclear DNA phylogenies. Telopea 13(1-2) : 219-231.
Full Article pdf (1.6MB)
Jacobs, Surrey W.L. and Hellquist, C. B. (16/02/2011) New species, possible hybrids and intergrades in Australian Nymphaea (Nymphaeaceae) with a key to all species. Telopea 13(1-2) : 233-243.
Full Article pdf (843.5KB)
Kaplan, Zdenek, Fehrer, Judith and Hellquist, C. B. (16/02/2011) Potamogeton jacobsii (Potamogetonaceae) from New South Wales, Australia the first Potamogeton hybrid from the Southern Hemisphere. Telopea 13(1-2) : 245-256.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Ling, Joanne and Jacobs, Surrey W.L. (16/02/2011) Testing and developing a wetland assessment index in southeast Australia using aquatic plants. Telopea 13(1-2) : 257-275.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Moody, Michael L. (16/02/2011) Myriophyllum jacobsii M.L.Moody (Haloragaceae), a new species from southeast Queensland, Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 277-283.
Full Article pdf (1.3MB)
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