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(2011) Publications by Surrey Jacobs: 1946-2009. Telopea 13(1-2) : 1-12.
Full Article pdf (776.8KB)
Wilson, Karen L. (2011) Surrey Wilfrid Laurence Jacobs 1946-2009. Telopea 13(1-2) : 13-21.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Les, Donald H. (2011) Surrey W. L. Jacobs (1946-2009) and aquatic plant research in Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 23-35.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Barkworth, M.E. (2011) The Triticeae (Gramineae) in Australasia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 37-56.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Barrett, Russell L. and Barrett, Matthew D. (2011) Two new species of Triodia (Poaceae: Triodieae) from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 57-67.
Full Article pdf (1.9MB)
Briggs, Barbara G (2011) Ecdeiocolea rigens, a new species of Ecdeiocoleaceae (Poales) from Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 69-75.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Bruhl, Jeremy J. and Whalley, Wal (2011) Walwhalleya jacobsiana (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 77-92.
Full Article pdf (1.4MB)
March, Robert H. and Clark, Lynn (2011) Sun-shade variation in bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) leaves. Telopea 13(1-2) : 93-104.
Full Article pdf (1.6MB)
Clarkson, John R., Karan, Mirko and Evans, Darren S. (2011) A report of hybridisation in Hymenachne (Poaceae, Panicoideae) with description of Hymenachne x calamitosa, a new species of hybrid origin from tropical Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 105-114.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Teerawatananon, Atchara, Jacobs, S.W.L. and Hodkinson, Trevor (2011) Phylogenetics of Panicoideae (Poaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Telopea 13(1-2) : 115-142.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Shepherd, Kelly A. and Trudgen, Malcolm E. (2011) Eragrostis surreyana (Poaceae) an uncommon, habitat restricted new species from the Pilbara Bioregion of Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 143-148.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Simon, Bryan K. and Cowie, Ian D. (2011) A new species of Aristida L. (Poaceae: Aristidoideae: Aristideae) from northern Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 149-154.
Full Article pdf (863KB)
Vazquez, Francisco M. and Gutierrez-Esteban, Maria (2011) Classification of species of Stipa with awns having plumose distal segments. Telopea 13(1-2) : 155-176.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Williams, Alexander R. (2011) Austrostipa (Poaceae) subgenus Lobatae in Western Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 177-192.
Full Article pdf (3.6MB)
Borsch, Thomas, Loehne, Cornelia, Mbaye, Mame S. and Wiersema, John (2011) Towards a complete species tree of Nymphaea: shedding further light on subg. Brachyceras and its relationships to the Australian water-lilies. Telopea 13(1-2) : 193-217.
Full Article pdf (2.5MB)
Ito, Yu and Tanaka, Norio (2011) Hybridisation in a tropical seagrass genus, Halodule (Cymodoceaceae), inferred from plastid and nuclear DNA phylogenies. Telopea 13(1-2) : 219-231.
Full Article pdf (1.6MB)
Jacobs, S.W.L. and Hellquist, C. B. (2011) New species, possible hybrids and intergrades in Australian Nymphaea (Nymphaeaceae) with a key to all species. Telopea 13(1-2) : 233-243.
Full Article pdf (843.5KB)
Kaplan, Zdenek, Fehrer, Judith and Hellquist, C. B. (2011) Potamogeton jacobsii (Potamogetonaceae) from New South Wales, Australia the first Potamogeton hybrid from the Southern Hemisphere. Telopea 13(1-2) : 245-256.
Full Article pdf (1MB)
Ling, Joanne and Jacobs, S.W.L. (2011) Testing and developing a wetland assessment index in southeast Australia using aquatic plants. Telopea 13(1-2) : 257-275.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Moody, Michael L. (2011) Myriophyllum jacobsii M.L.Moody (Haloragaceae), a new species from southeast Queensland, Australia. Telopea 13(1-2) : 277-283.
Full Article pdf (1.3MB)
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