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Konrat, Matt von, Naikatini, Alifereti, Tuiwawa, Marika, Söderström, Lars, Fife, Allan J., Renner, Matthew A., Brownsey, Patrick J., Perrie, Leon, Hagborg, Anders, Pócs, Tamás, Lumbsch, H.T., Braggins, John E., Séneca, Ana and Brown, Elizabeth A. (01/12/2011) A brief history of the cryptogams of Fiji and prospects for the future. Telopea 13(3) : 361-374.
Full Article pdf (539.6KB)
Lumbsch, H.T., Lücking, Robert, Divakar, Pradeep, Konrat, Matt von and Naikatini, Alifereti (01/12/2011) New records of lichen-forming fungi from Fiji. Telopea 13(3) : 375-404.
Full Article pdf (4MB)
Söderström, Lars, Hagborg, Anders, Pócs, Tamás, Sass-Gyarmati, Andrea, Brown, Elizabeth A., Konrat, Matt von and Renner, Matthew A. (01/12/2011) Checklist of hornworts and liverworts of Fiji. Telopea 13(3) : 405-454.
Full Article pdf (508.1KB)
Pócs, Tamás, Sass-Gyarmati, Andrea, Naikatini, Alifereti, Tuiwawa, Marika, Braggins, John E., Pócs, Sarolta and Konrat, Matt von (01/12/2011) New liverwort (Marchantiophyta) records for the Fiji Islands. Telopea 13(3) : 455-494.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Fife, Allan J. and Naikatini, Alifereti (01/12/2011) Significant records of Fijian mosses. Telopea 13(3) : 495-502.
Full Article pdf (333.2KB)
Séneca, Ana and Söderström, Lars (01/12/2011) Sphagnum of the Pacific - a checklist. Telopea 13(3) : 503-511.
Full Article pdf (530.2KB)
Brownsey, Patrick J. and Perrie, Leon (01/12/2011) A revised checklist of Fijian ferns and lycophytes. Telopea 13(3) : 513-562.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (01/12/2011) New records, range extensions and descriptions for some unfamiliar Australian Lejeuneaceae (Jungermanniopsida). Telopea 13(3) : 563-576.
Full Article pdf (966.3KB)
Ramsay, Helen P. (01/12/2011) Australian mosses - new chromosome numbers and a compilation of chromosome data. Telopea 13(3) : 577-619.
Full Article pdf (857.5KB)
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