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World's first extinct seaweed

Aussie Algae

Alan Millar Ceramium juliae
Dicroglossum crispatulum
Cryptonemia sp. nov. 2 Marine algae include the tiny microscopic phytoplankton of the oceans as well as the larger seaweeds that we see washed up on our beaches. This website deals only with the seaweeds, although links to other databases that cover plankton are suggested. General information on reproduction and life histories is covered and this will be expanded and updated. It is hoped this will aid primary, secondary and University students to better understand marine plants.

For the phycologist and scientist, this database will allow you to search for all the seaweed genera and species we have in our collection here at the National Herbarium of NSW at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. It will also allow you to find what species may grow in your area, especially the NSW coast, but also to a lesser extent the Australian continent. Because this search facility is directly linked to our database, the information is live and thus updated every time a new voucher specimen is inserted.

Dasya cystocarps Cephalocystis leucobotrys Hemineura frondosa Claudea elegans
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