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Biographical notes

/ James Andrew Armstrong (1950 - ) Male



Active in years 1972 - 1988

Collected in regions AUSTRALIA;NSW;C. Tablelands;Central Coast;Central W. Slopes;N. Tablelands;NW. Slopes;North Coast;S. Tablelands;SW. Plains;South Coast;QLD;Cook;Darling Downs;Moreton;North Kennedy;Warrego;TAS;North East;VIC;Grampians Australia

At times accompanied by A.N. Rodd;R.G. Coveny;J.M. Powell;D.F. Blaxell;J. Powell;P. Hind;D. Blaxell;J.D. Briggs;J. Briggs;M. Parris;N. Fisher;A. Lyne

78 collections recorded

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