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Biographical notes

Dr./ Philip Sydney Short (1955 - )

Systematic botanist


Active in years 1980 - 1998

Collected in regions AUSTRALIA;NSW;N. Far W. Plains;N. Tablelands;NW. Plains;NW. Slopes;S. Far W. Plains;S. Tablelands;SW. Plains;South Coast;NT;Darwin & Gulf;SA;Lake Eyre;TAS;Ben Lomond;South West;VIC;Lowan Mallee;Murray Mallee;Snowfields;Wannon;WA;Ashburton;Austin;Avon;Carnarvon;Darling;Eyre;Fortescue;Irwin;Roe Australia

At times accompanied by M.G. Corrick;L. Haegi;B.A. Fuhrer;M. Amerena;M.Amerena;N.S. Lander;J.H. Ross;C.A;D. Coles;D.B. Foreman;C.A. Coles;N.G. Walsh;K. Watanabe;A. Griffen;M.C. Looker;T. Yahara;T. Denda;Y. Suzuki;T. denda;K.Watanabe;K. Kosuge;C.R. Dunlop

110 collections recorded

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