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Biographical notes

/ Bryan Kenneth Simon (1943 - ) Male



Active in years 1974 - 1997

Collected in regions AUSTRALIA;NSW;NW. Plains;NT;Darwin & Gulf;QLD;Burke;Cook;Darling Downs;Mitchell;Moreton;North Kennedy;South Kennedy;Warrego;Wide Bay;WA;Ashburton;Carnarvon;Dampier;Fitzgerald;Gardner Australia

At times accompanied by P.R. Sharpe;R.J.F. Henderson;C.N. Jacobsen;J.R. Clarkson;P. Sharpe;S.B. Andrews;I.B. Staples;L. Pedley;W. McDonald;T. Farrell;J.K. Stretch;R.J. Petheram;M. Sands;W. Scattini;D. Loch;T. Hilder;P. Forster;N. Snow

71 collections recorded

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