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Biographical notes

Mrs./ Joy Thompson (1923 - ) Female



Active in years 1883 - 2976

Collected in regions AUSTRALIA;NSW;C. Tablelands;Central Coast;Central W. Slopes;Lord Howe Island;N. Far W. Plains;N. Tablelands;NW. Plains;NW. Slopes;North Coast;S. Tablelands;SW. Plains;SW. Slopes;South Coast;QLD;Cook;Moreton;Wide Bay;SA;Flinders Ranges;TAS;VIC;E. Highlands;East Gippsland;Gippsland Plain;Wilsons Prom.;WA;Austin;Avon;Coolgardie;Darling;Eyre;Irwin;Roe;NEW ZEALAND;SCOTLAND Australia

At times accompanied by per E. Cheel;J. Simons;M.M.H. Thompson;M. Thompson

1342 collections recorded

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