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Ceratozamia euryphyllidia

Ceratozamia euryphyllidia "Vasq. Torres, Sabato & D.W. Stev.", Brittonia 38(1): 17-19 (1986).
"TYPE: Mexico, Vera Cruz, 21 Jun 1984, Vazquez Torres 2842 (holo NY iso CHAPA, NY, XALU)."[NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY][NY]

Etymology: From the Greek eurys, broad, phyllon, leaf, with the diminutive idion, referring to the extraordinarily broad leaflets

Historical notes: Described as recently as 1986 from a small stand of plants discovered only a few years earlier in southern Veracruz.

Distinguishing features: Readily distinguished by the larger and broader leaflets than in any other Ceratozamia. Leaflets are also very thin and papery, undulating along the margins and distinctly oblique.

Distribution and habitat: Sporadic and localised, in Veracruz and Oaxaca, Mexico. An understorey shrub growing naturally in heavy shade in tropical wet evergreen forest.

Conservation status: Critically endangered. 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants category E.


Plants acaulescent; stem 20 cm long, stem 10 cm diam.

Leaves 5-10 in crown. New growth emerging light green or bluish. Leaves dark green or blue green, dull, 200-320 cm long, flat (not keeled) in section, with 12-26 leaflets; vernation straight; rachis not or slightly spirally twisted; petiole 60-90 cm long, armed with prickles.

Leaflets not clustered, ovate, asymmetric, broadest above middle, not falcate, weakly discolorous, thin or membranous; margins flat; median leaflets 18-31 cm long, 90-160 mm wide.

Cataphylls 50 mm long.

Pollen cones green, fusiform-cylindrical, 28 cm long, 3 cm diam.; peduncle 6-8 cm long; microsporophyll lamina 7-10 mm long, 15-20 mm wide, with two horns 1-2 mm long.

Seed cones brown, ovoid-cylindrical, 20 cm long, 5 cm diam.; peduncle 12 cm long; megasporophyll 15-30 mm long, with an expanded peltate apex 15-20 mm wide.

Seeds ovoid, 23-27 mm long, 20 mm wide; sarcotesta white, aging to brown.

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