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Cycas glauca

Cycas glauca hort. ex Miq., Comm. Phytog.: 127 (1840-1841).
TYPE: Hort. Roterodam. (lecto (fide Stevenson & Hill) U).

Etymology: Greek, glaucus, with a bluish waxy bloom, in reference to the bluish glaucous leaves.


Historical notes: Described by Miquel in 1841 from cultivated material in European collections. This sheet most closely matches the basally restricted leaflets later described by Miquel (1868). Schuster regarded C. glauca as a variety of C. circinalis, without really understanding the nature of C. glauca.

Historical notes:

Distinguishing features: Broad bluish leaves, basally constricted leaflets.

Distribution and habitat: Timor and Sumba only, in near-coastal forests.

Conservation status: Not known


Stems arborescent.

Petiole 51 cm long, spinescent for 90% of length. Basal leaflets not gradually reducing to spines.

Median leaflets simple, strongly discolorous, 150-260 mm long, 13-18 mm wide, narrowed to 2-4.5 mm at base (to 15-35% of maximum width), 17 mm apart on rachis.

Ovules glabrous.

Fibrous layer absent; sclerotesta smooth. Spongy endocarp present.

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