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Cycas shanyaensis

Cycas shanyaensis (as ‘shanyagensis’) G.A. Fu, Bull. Bot. Res. 26(1): 2-3 (2006). H—HFB
"TYPE: China, Hainan Island, Shanya city, mountain mixed forest, 700 - 800 m alt., G.A.Fu 11022, 15 Sept. 2003 (holo HFB) "


Stems arborescent, to 2.1–3.1 m tall, 20–25 cm diam. at narrowest point.

Leaves 140–160 cm long, with 130–144 leaflets. Petiole 33 cm long (21–23% of total leaf), glabrous, spinescent for 76–82% of length, spines 2–3 mm long.

Median leaflets simple, 115–240 mm long, 7–9 mm wide, slightly decurrent margins flat or slightly revolute.

Pollen cones dark velvety brown conical-cylindric, c. 22 cm long, 3–8 cm wide; microsporophyll lamina, 15–22 mm long, 10–15 mm wide, apical spine mucronate.

Megasporophylls 11.5–15 cm long, yellow-brown tomentose; ovules 4, glabrous; lamina obovate or flabelliform, 75 mm long, 75–90 mm wide, deeply pectinate, with 15–17 soft lateral spines 15–25 mm long, apical spine, 25–35 mm long to 4 mm wide, with 4–6 lateral spines 5–7 mm long.

Description based entirely on Fu (2006). No specimens have been sighted by Hill.

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