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Genus Angophora

Type: Angophora hispida (Sm.) Blaxell (A. cordifolia Cav.).

Lectotypified on A. cordifolia Cav., Icon. 4: 21 (1797) by McVaugh (1956).

Shrubs or trees. Bark persistent, shortly fibrous-flaky; or smooth, excorticating in small flakes. Juvenile and adult leaves opposite, with "Angophoroid hairs" and bristle glands at least in juvenile stages. Conflorescences anauxotelic or anthotelic, rarely auxotelic, expanded terminal, rarely lateral, thyrsoids, with unit 3-7-flowered umbellasters. Oil ducts present in ovary and nectary. Calyx free, valvate, reduced, persistent as teeth on hypanthium in fruit. Corolla free, differentiated into thick valvate claw and membranous imbricate limb, deciduous. Stamens all fertile; anthers oblong-elliptical, dorsifixed, versatile, dehiscing by parallel longitudinal slits. Cotyledons reniform, relatively large, folded in embryo. Seeds elliptical, flattened, not winged. Fruit thick, chartaceous, dehiscing immediately upon maturity; capsule deeply sunken, valves enclosed.

Diagnosis: Angophoroid hairs and bristle glands present on juvenile shoots. Adult leaves opposite. Inflorescence terminal or lateral; calyx free; corolla free, differentiated into claw and limb. Colytedons folded in embryo. Fruit thick, papery.

Subtribe Angophorinae
  Genus Angophora
      Section [LIBERIA]
          Series Robores
     Angophora robur   N
          Series Hispidae
            Subseries Woodsianosae
     Angophora woodsiana   QN
            Subseries Hispidosae
     Angophora hispida   N
          Series Costatae
Superspecies Costata
|     Angophora costata   N
|     Angophora euryphylla   N
|     Angophora leiocarpa   QN
          Series Floribundae
Superspecies Floribunda
|     Angophora *expansa   C?Q
|     Angophora floribunda   C?QNV
     Angophora +*florisubvelutina   QN
     Angophora subvelutina   QN
Superspecies Bakeri
|     Angophora *jungens   N
|     Angophora bakeri   N
|     Angophora inopina   N
|     Angophora crassifolia   N
|     Angophora exul   N
|     Angophora paludosa   N
     Angophora melanoxylon   QN

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