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Genus Corymbia K.D. Hill & L.A.S. Johnson, Telopea 6(2-3): ()

Type species: Corymbia gummifera (Gaertner) K.D. Hill & L.A.S. Johnson

Eucalyptus subseries Corymbosae Bentham, Fl. Austral. 3: 198, 253 (1867). Type: Eucalyptus gummifera (Gaertner) Hochr., lectotype designated by Blake (1953). Eucalyptus series Corymbosae Blakely, Key Eucalypts: 15 (1934); Blake, Austral. J. Bot. 1: 229 (1953).

Type: Eucalyptus dichromophloia F. Muell. was designated as lectotype by Chippendale (1988), who was misled by Blakely's invalid use of 'Corymbosae (Non-Peltatae)' and 'Corymbosae-Peltatae'. The names are best forgotten.

Generally trees; bark persistent, shortly fibrous-flaky, parting in small polygons, or smooth, excorticating in polygonal flakes or short strips (except in C. jacobsiana (section Fundoria)). Juvenile leaves opposite for few nodes (many nodes in series Ferrugineae), sometimes peltate, with single-celled simple trichomes arising from undifferentiated epidermis, and bristle-glands. Adult leaves disjunct, bristle-free (rarely opposite and with trichomes and bristle-glands). Lateral veins of adult leaves (except in neotenic forms) closely-spaced, branched, oblique, intramarginal vein close to the margin but usually distinct. Conflorescences anauxotelic or anthotelic, expanded terminal or lateral panicles or thyrsoids, sometimes metabotryoids, often extensively branched, with unit usually 7-flowered (occasionally 3-flowered) umbellasters. Oil ducts present in ovary and nectary (Carr & Carr 1969). Perianth 5-4-merous (flexible), carpels usually 3, sometimes varying in individual flowers to 4 or more rarely 2, or usually 4 in section Rufaria. Calyx calyptriform, persistent to anthesis, or caducous; corolla of free petals and adherent to calyx, or calyptriform. Petals (at least in primordia) differentiated into claw and limb. Stamens all fertile; anthers oblong to oblong-obovate, dorsifixed, versatile, dehiscing by parallel slits. Stigma shaggy or tapered, lobed or not lobed, with short or long papillae. Cotyledons reniform, relatively large, folded in embryo (not folded in section Blakearia). Ovules hemipterous, not regularly arranged in rows on the placenta. Ovulodes present. Inner integument partially resorbed. Seeds laterally or dorsiventrally compressed, in some groups with a terminal wing; hilum subterminal or ventral. Fruits medium-sized to large, urceolate to globular; capsule deeply sunken in the hypanthium, valves enclosed.

Diagnosis: Unicellular thin-walled hairs and frequently complex bristle-glands regularly present on juvenile shoots; bristle-gland cap cells 4, ornamented with micropapillae; xylem vessels solitary (Ingle & Dadswell 1953); inflorescences compound, terminal or lateral; calyx calyptriform; petals either free but closely appressed to the calycine calyptra and shed with it or united and calyptriform; cotyledons folded in embryo (not folded in section Blakearia); capsule sunken in fruit, disc depressed.

The name is from the Latin corymbium, a corymb, recalling the epithet Corymbosae used in subsectional or sectional rank under Eucalyptus by earlier authors and the name E. corymbosa, a long-standing synonym for the type species. In species with the plesiomorphic condition, inflorescences are corymbiform, though not corymbs in the precise sense.

Key to the sections

1 Seeds laterally compressed, often winged

Section Rufaria

1* Seeds dorsiventrally compressed, not winged

2 Calycine calyptra persistent to at or near anthesis


3 Bark mostly smooth  
4 Fuits soft, fragile Section Blakearia
4* Fuits hard, woody Section Cadagaria
3 Bark mostly persistent Section Ochraria
2* Calycine calyptra shedding long before anthesis  
5 Bark wholly smooth Section Ochraria
5* Bark mostly persistent  
6 Bark stringy Section Fundoria
6* Bark soft, scaly Section Apteria

Subtribe Angophorinae
  Genus Corymbia
      Section Jacoria
     Corymbia jacobsiana   Y
      Section Apteria
     Corymbia trachyphloia   CQN
           subsp. carnarvonica   Q
           subsp. trachyphloia   CQN
           subsp. amphistomatica   QN
      Section Rufaria
          Series Nesophilae
     Corymbia nesophila   CKY
          Series Gummiferae
            Subseries Gummiferosae
     Corymbia gummifera   QNV
     Corymbia haematoxylon   W
           subsp. haematoxylon   W
           subsp. chlorolampra   W
            Subseries Calophyllosae
     Corymbia calophylla   W
          Series Ficifoliae
            Subseries Ptychocarposae
     Corymbia ptychocarpa   CKY
            Subseries Ficifoliosae
     Corymbia ficifolia   W
            Subseries Abergianosae
     Corymbia abergiana   C
            Subseries Intermediosae
     Corymbia intermedia   CQN
     Corymbia rhodops   C
          Series Polycarpae
            Subseries Polycarposae
     Corymbia polycarpa   CKY
     Corymbia novoguinensis   CG
     Corymbia clarksoniana   C
     Corymbia dolichocarpa   QN
     Corymbia plena   Q
            Subseries Porrectosae
     Corymbia porrecta   Y
          Series Stockerianae
            Subseries Brachycarposae
     Corymbia xanthope   Q
     Corymbia brachycarpa   Q
     Corymbia hendersonii   Q
            Subseries Stockerianosae
     Corymbia hylandii   C
           subsp. hylandii   C
           subsp. peninsularis   C
     Corymbia stockeri   C
     Corymbia lamprophylla   Q
          Series Arenariae
            Subseries Arenariosae
     Corymbia arnhemensis   CY
     Corymbia arenaria   K
            Subseries Oocarposae
     Corymbia oocarpa   Y
          Series Dichromophloiae
            Subseries Dichromophloiosae
     Corymbia coniophloia   KY
     Corymbia dichromophloia   Y
     Corymbia capricornia   CQKY
     Corymbia ollaris   Y
     Corymbia rubens   G
     Corymbia pocillum   C
     Corymbia erythrophloia   CQ
     Corymbia ellipsoidea   C
     Corymbia eremaea   SWPA
           subsp. *oligocarpa   PA
           subsp. *lenziana   WP
           subsp. *eremaea   SW?PA
     Corymbia chippendalei   PA
            Subseries Terminalosae
     Corymbia opaca   C?Q?WPKAY
     Corymbia hamersleyana   P
     Corymbia terminalis   CQKAY
            Subseries Foelscheanosae
     Corymbia latifolia   KY
Superspecies Foelscheana
|     Corymbia curtipes   C
|     Corymbia foelscheana   CKY
     Corymbia dampieri   K
     Corymbia monticola   Q
     Corymbia greeniana   KY?
     Corymbia byrnesii   K
          Series Cliftonianae
            Subseries Cliftonianosae
     Corymbia cliftoniana   KY
            Subseries Collinosae
     Corymbia bleeseri   KY
     Corymbia collina   K
          Series Ferrugineae
     Corymbia ferruginea   CKY
           subsp. ferruginea   KY
           subsp. stypophylla   KY
     Corymbia abbreviata   KY
     Corymbia zygophylla   PK
     Corymbia sphaerica   
     Corymbia cadophora   K
     Corymbia chartacea   N
     Corymbia dunlopiana   N
     Corymbia setosa   CQKAY
           subsp. setosa   CAY
           subsp. pedicellaris   QY
     Corymbia pachycarpa   PK
           subsp. pachycarpa   K
           subsp. glabrescens   KY
     Corymbia papillosa   KN
     Corymbia deserticola   PA?
           subsp. deserticola   P
           subsp. mesogeotica   CY
      Section Ochraria
          Series Eximiae
            Subseries Torellianosae
     Corymbia torelliana   C
            Subseries Eximiosae
Superspecies Peltata
|     Corymbia leichhardtii   (CQ)
|            subsp. *silvatica   C
|            subsp. leichhardtii   CQ
|            subsp. *cryptica   Q
|     Corymbia peltata   CQ
|     Corymbia scabrida   Q
     Corymbia sacrata   Q
     Corymbia bloxsomei   Q
     Corymbia watsoniana   Q
     Corymbia eximia   N
          Series Maculatae
     Corymbia citriodora   CQ
     Corymbia variegata   N
     Corymbia maculata   QNV
     Corymbia henryi   QN
      Section Blakearia
          Series Tessellares
            Subseries Tessellarosae
     Corymbia tessellaris   CQNG
            Subseries Papuanosae
Superspecies Papuana
|     Corymbia papuana   G
|     Corymbia carpentarica   C
|     Corymbia bella   CKY
          Series Clavigerae
            Subseries Clavigerosae
     Corymbia clavigera   K
            Subseries Polysciadosae
     Corymbia polysciada   Y
     Corymbia compar   Y
     Corymbia leptalea   K
            Subseries Confertiflorosae
     Corymbia confertiflora   CKYG
     Corymbia pindanica   
            Subseries Kombolgiensosae
     Corymbia kombolgiensis   Y
          Series Grandifoliae
            Subseries Dallachyanosae
Superspecies Dallachyana
|     Corymbia dallachyana   CQPKY
|     Corymbia flavescens   CQ
|     Corymbia aparrerinja   CQA
     Corymbia torta   K
            Subseries Grandifoliosae
     Corymbia grandifolia   CKY
          Series Gilbertenses
     Corymbia gilbertensis   C
          Series Asperae
            Subseries Asperosae
     Corymbia candida   WPA
     Corymbia aspera   CQP?KAY
            Subseries Ferriticolosae
     Corymbia ferriticola   WP

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