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Subgenus Eucalyptus L'Herit.

Type: Eucalyptus obliqua L'Herit., Sert. Angl., 18 (1788), t. 20.

Trees or mallees; bark smooth and excorticating in flakes or ribbons, or persistent and long-fibrous or short-fibrous or flaky. Juvenile leaves opposite for few or many nodes, glabrous, or with raised papillose glands, or with acute thick-walled unicellular trichomes radiating from prominent glands. Adult leaves glabrous, disjunct or rarely opposite, sometimes dorsiventral. Venation variable, closely-or widely-spaced, oblique, acute or sub-parallet. Renantherin often present. Inflorescences of lateral umbellasters of 1 to many flowers. Calyx calyptriform. Corolla absent, suppressed from earliest stages of development. Anthers elliptical, versatile, dorsified, dehiscing by separate parallel slits, or reniform, adnate, dehiscing by broad confluent slits. Stigma rounded or tapered, smooth, with short or long papillae, entire or hollow (with emerging stylar canal). Ovules anatropous, arranged in 2 vertical rows in each loculus (each primary row secondarily 2-rowed in E. coccifera). Cotyledons orbicular, emarginate, not folded in embryo. Seeds usually cuboid or pyramidal, dorsally rounded; hilum ventral. Fruit woody; capsule usually not deeply sunken; valves enclosed or exserted.

Diagnosis: Plant glabrous, or papillose or with radiating trichomes on juvenile growth. Umbellasters lateral, axillary. Calyx calyptriform. Petals suppressed. Ovules in 2 vertical rows in each loculus (secondarily 4-rowed in one species).

Subtribe Eucalyptinae
  Genus Eucalyptus
    Subgenus Eucalyptus
      Section Islaria
     Eucalyptus rubiginosa   Q
      Section Renantheria
        Subsection Mahogany
          Series Acmenoideae
            Subseries Acmenoideosae
     Eucalyptus acmenoides   QN
     Eucalyptus apothalassica   QN
     Eucalyptus irritans   CQ
     Eucalyptus contracta   Q
     Eucalyptus psammolitica   N
            Subseries Umbrosae
     Eucalyptus mediocris   Q
     Eucalyptus carnea   QN
     Eucalyptus umbra   QN
?     Eucalyptus *clarenceana   N
        Subsection Stringy
          Series Muellerianae
     Eucalyptus muelleriana   NV
          Series Macrorhynchae
            Subseries Laevopineosae
     Eucalyptus laevopinea   QN
            Subseries Macrorhynchosae
Superspecies Macrorhyncha
|     Eucalyptus macrorhyncha   (NVS)
|     Eucalyptus ?   V
|     Eucalyptus cannonii   N
|     Eucalyptus stannicola   N
Superspecies Youmanii
|     Eucalyptus williamsiana   QN
|     Eucalyptus youmanii   N
|     Eucalyptus subtilior   QN
          Series Capitellatae
            Subseries Globoideosae
     Eucalyptus cameronii   N
Superspecies Globoidea
|     Eucalyptus globoidea   NV
|     Eucalyptus *tumescens   NV
|     Eucalyptus yangoura   NV
            Subseries EEugenioidosae
Superspecies EEugenioides
|     Eucalyptus eugenioides   QN
|     Eucalyptus *xenica   Q
     Eucalyptus conjuncta(Murrurund   N
            Subseries Oblongosae
     Eucalyptus prominula   N
Superspecies Oblonga
|     Eucalyptus sparsifolia   N
|     Eucalyptus oblonga   N
|     Eucalyptus imitans   N
|     Eucalyptus *vialis   N
Superspecies Tenella
|     Eucalyptus tenella   N
|     Eucalyptus ralla   N
     Eucalyptus mckieana   N
            Subseries Ligustrinosae
     Eucalyptus ligustrina   N
            Subseries Conglomeratosae
     Eucalyptus conglomerata   Q
            Subseries Caliginorosae
     Eucalyptus caliginosa   QN
            Subseries Capitellatosae
Superspecies Tindaliae
|     Eucalyptus tindaliae   (QN)
|            subsp. tindaliae   QN
|            subsp. *monticola   N
|     Eucalyptus *curta   Q
|     Eucalyptus reducta   C
|     Eucalyptus *mensalis   Q
     Eucalyptus agglomerata   NV
     Eucalyptus capitellata   N
            Subseries Camfieldianosae
     Eucalyptus camfieldii   N
     Eucalyptus bensonii   N
            Subseries Blaxlandianosae
     Eucalyptus blaxlandii   N
            Subseries Baxterianosae
Superspecies Baxteri
|     Eucalyptus baxteri   NVS
|     Eucalyptus arenacea   VS
     Eucalyptus +alpina   V
Superspecies Victoriana
|     Eucalyptus victoriana   V
|     Eucalyptus verrucata   V
            Subseries Deuaensosae
     Eucalyptus deuaensis   N
          Series Olsenianae
     Eucalyptus olsenii   N
        Subsection Peppermint
          Series Pilulares
Superspecies Pilularis
|     Eucalyptus pilularis   QN
|     Eucalyptus pyrocarpa   N
          Series Amygdalinae
            Subseries Radiatosae
     Eucalyptus elata   NV
Superspecies Radiata
|     Eucalyptus radiata   (QNV)
|            subsp. sejuncta   QN
|            subsp. *blanda   NV?
|            subsp. radiata   NV
|     Eucalyptus croajingolensis   NV
|     Eucalyptus *simulans   T
|?     Eucalyptus *permixta   N
|     Eucalyptus robertsonii   (NV)
|            subsp. hemisphaerica   N
|            subsp. robertsonii   NV
|     Eucalyptus dixsonii   NV?
     Eucalyptus dives   (NV)
     Eucalyptus ?   NV
           subsp. dives   N
     Eucalyptus willisii   (VS)
           subsp. falciformis   VS
           subsp. willisii   V
            Subseries Amygdalinosae
     Eucalyptus amygdalina   T
     Eucalyptus pulchella   T
     Eucalyptus +*amynitida   T
Superspecies Risdonii
|     Eucalyptus tenuiramis   T
|     Eucalyptus risdonii   T
Superspecies Coccifera
|     Eucalyptus nitida   T
|     Eucalyptus +*coccinitida   T
|     Eucalyptus coccifera   T
        Subsection Greenash
          Series Obliquae
            Subseries Regnantosae
     Eucalyptus fastigata   NV
     Eucalyptus regnans   VT
            Subseries Obliquosae
     Eucalyptus obliqua   QNVTS
          Series Strictae
            Subseries Paliformosae
     Eucalyptus paliformis   N
            Subseries Triflorosae
     Eucalyptus triflora   N
            Subseries Strictosae
Superspecies Stricta
|     Eucalyptus dendromorpha   N
|     Eucalyptus spectatrix   N
|     Eucalyptus obstans   N
|     Eucalyptus stricta   N
|     Eucalyptus apiculata   N
|     Eucalyptus laophila   N
|     Eucalyptus cunninghamii   N
Superspecies Approximans
|     Eucalyptus codonocarpa   (QN)
|            subsp. microcodon   QN
|            subsp. *calvimontana   QN?
|            subsp. codonocarpa   N
|     Eucalyptus approximans   N
            Subseries Burgessianosae
     Eucalyptus burgessiana   N
     Eucalyptus langleyi   N
          Series Kybeanenses
     Eucalyptus kybeanensis   NV
        Subsection Sallee
          Series Stellulatae
            Subseries Mitchellianosae
     Eucalyptus mitchelliana   V
            Subseries Stellulatosae
     Eucalyptus stellulata   NV
     Eucalyptus copulans   N
     Eucalyptus *crispiana   V
Superspecies Moorei
|     Eucalyptus latiuscula   NV?
|     Eucalyptus moorei   N
     Eucalyptus serpentinicola   N
        Subsection Blueash
          Series Piperitae
Superspecies Piperita
|     Eucalyptus piperita   N
|     Eucalyptus urceolaris   N
          Series Planchonianae
     Eucalyptus sphaerocarpa   Q
     Eucalyptus planchoniana   QN
          Series Pauciflorae
            Subseries Luehmannianosae
     Eucalyptus oreades   QN
     Eucalyptus luehmanniana   N
            Subseries Delegatensosae
Superspecies Delegatensis
|     Eucalyptus delegatensis   (NV)
|            subsp. *abstersa   N
|            subsp. delegatensis   NV
|     Eucalyptus *tasmaniensis   T
            Subseries Pauciflorosae
Superspecies Pauciflora
|     Eucalyptus pauciflora   QNVTS
|     Eucalyptus lacrimans   N
|     Eucalyptus niphophila   NV
|     Eucalyptus debeuzevillei   N
     Eucalyptus gregsoniana   N
          Series Fraxinoideae
     Eucalyptus fraxinoides   NV
          Series Haemastomae
            Subseries Olidosae
     Eucalyptus olida   N
            Subseries Considenianosae
Superspecies Andrewsii
|     Eucalyptus campanulata   QN
|     Eucalyptus andrewsii   QN
Superspecies Consideniana
|     Eucalyptus consideniana   NV
|     Eucalyptus remota   S
            Subseries Multicaulosae
Superspecies Multicaulis
|     Eucalyptus sieberi   NVT
|     Eucalyptus multicaulis   N
            Subseries Haemastomosae
     Eucalyptus signata   QN
     Eucalyptus sclerophylla   N
     Eucalyptus haemastoma   N
     Eucalyptus +*haemaracemosa   N
     Eucalyptus racemosa   N
     Eucalyptus rossii   N
            Subseries Stenostomosae
     Eucalyptus stenostoma   N
      Section Pedaria
          Series Brevistyles
     Eucalyptus brevistylis   W
      Section Hesperia
          Series Patentes
     Eucalyptus patens   W
          Series Todtianae
     Eucalyptus todtiana   W
          Series Lateriticae
     Eucalyptus lateritica   W
     Eucalyptus *dolorosa(Mt. Misery)   W
          Series Johnsonianae
     Eucalyptus johnsoniana   W
          Series Subereae
     Eucalyptus suberea   W
          Series Diversifoliae
            Subseries Diversifoliosae
     Eucalyptus *erectifolia   W
     Eucalyptus pachyloma   (W)
           subsp. *obesipes   W
           subsp. pachyloma   W
     Eucalyptus *platydisca   W
     Eucalyptus diversifolia   VSW
            Subseries Megacarposae
     Eucalyptus megacarpa   W
     Eucalyptus aquilina   W
     Eucalyptus coronata   W
            Subseries Preissianosae
     Eucalyptus preissiana   W
            Subseries Aciosae
     Eucalyptus acies   W
Superspecies Calcicola
|     Eucalyptus calcicola   W
|     Eucalyptus ligulata   (W)
|            subsp. ligulata   W
|            subsp. *altidisca   W
          Series Buprestianae
            Subseries Buprestianosae
     Eucalyptus exilis   (W)
           subsp. *meiantha   W
           subsp. exilis   W
     Eucalyptus buprestium   W
            Subseries Sepulcralosae
     Eucalyptus pendens   W
     Eucalyptus sepulcralis   W
          Series Insulares
     Eucalyptus insularis   W
      Section Jarraria
          Series Jacksonianae
     Eucalyptus jacksonii   W
          Series Marginatae
Superspecies Marginata
|     Eucalyptus marginata   (W)
|            subsp. marginata   W
|            subsp. *cinerascens   W
|     Eucalyptus *parilis   W
     Eucalyptus staeri   W

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