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Subgenus Telocalyptus L. Johnson & Blaxell, gen. nov.

Type species: Telocalyptus deglupta (Bl.) L. Johnson & Blaxell.

Basionym: Eucalyptus deglupta Bl., Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 1: 83 (1849).

Trees; bark smooth and excorticating in flakes, or persistent and shortly fibrous-flaky. Juvenile leaves glabrous, opposite for several nodes. Adult leaves glabrous, disjunct; lateral veins moderately closely-spaced, oblique. Conflorescences expanded terminal anthotelic panicles with unit 7-flowered umbellasters. Perianth 5-4-merous (flexible) or 4-merous (fixed), carpels 3-4. Calyx reduced, of free deciduous sepals, displaced early in development by expanding calyptriform corolla. Stamens all fertile, in continuous whorls; anthers versatile, reniform, with short, rounded, divergent loculi dehiscing by lateral pores. Stigma shaggy, with long papillae. Ovules hemitropous, in 4 vertical rows in each loculus; inner integument resorbed in early development; seed testa derived from outer integument only. Cotyledons bilobed, not folded in embryo. Seeds small, winged on one end in series Degluptae; hilum ventral. Fruit small, thin-textured, short-lived on tree.

Diagnosis: Hairs and bristle glands absent. Sepals free, deciduous; corolla calyptriform; stamens in a continuous ring, all fertile. Ovules in 4 vertical rows in each loculus; seed testa derived from outer integument only. Conflorescences terminal, expanded, anthotelic.

Subtribe Eucalyptinae
  Genus Eucalyptus
    Subgenus Telocalyptus
          Series Degluptae
            Subseries Degluptosae
     Eucalyptus deglupta   GM
            Subseries Raveretianosae
     Eucalyptus raveretiana   CQ
            Subseries Brachyandrosae
     Eucalyptus brachyandra   KY
          Series Howittianae
     Eucalyptus howittiana   C

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