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Corymbia terminalis

Corymbia terminalis (F. Muell.) K.D. Hill & L.A.S. Johnson, Telopea 6: 323 (1995).
Eucalyptus corymbosa var. terminalis F. Muell. ex Bailey, Queensland Woods 44 (1886).
Eucalyptus pyrophora Benth., Fl. Austral. 3: 257 (1867).
TYPE: Northern Territory, Upper Victoria River, F. Mueller 856 (lecto K, isolecto MEL, fide Maiden CR 4: 320). Type citation: 'N. Australia. Nichol Bay, Gregory's Expedition; Upper Victoria River and Depot Creek, F. Mueller, also with rather smaller flowers, Depuech Island, Bynoe'.
Eucalyptus terminalis var. carnosa Bailey, Queensland Agric. J. 15: 898 (1905).
TYPE: Queensland, Darling Downs, Blake (?), Rockhampton, Edgar (?), Central Railway Line 74 miles from Rockhampton, Pagan (?)
Eucalyptus terminalis F. Muell., J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 3: 89 (1859).
TYPE: Northern Territory, Arnhem Land, F. Mueller, July 1856 (holo MEL, iso K). Figured by Blake (1953), plate 13, fig. 1. Blake discussed this typification, which was not specified by Mueller.

Habit: Tree, Height to 18 m high.
Bark: Bark persistent on full trunk to persistent to smaller branches, tessellated, red-brown or grey-brown, dull, grey-brown or red-brown (above). Pith glands present; Bark glands present. Cotyledons suborbicular.
Leaves: Juvenile leaves disjunct from node 3–5, lanceolate to ovate, hispid with bristle glands only, petiolate. Intermediate leaves disjunct early, lanceolate to elliptic, straight, entire, dull green, petiolate. Adult leaves disjunct, lanceolate to broad lanceolate, falcate, acuminate, basally tapered, dull, grey-green, thick, concolorous; Petioles narrowly flattened or channelled. Lateral veins obscure, obtuse, closely spaced. Intramarginal vein confluent with margin.
Inflorescences: Conflorescence compound, terminal; Umbellasters 3-flowered to 7-flowered, regular. Peduncles terete. Pedicels terete.
Flowers: Buds obovoid to pyriform, not glaucous or pruinose. Calyx calyptrate; persisting to anthesis. Calyptra hemispherical or conical, narrower than hypanthium; smooth. Hypanthium smooth. Flowers cream.
Fruits: Fruits ovoid to urceolate, pedicellate, 4 locular. Calyptra scar flat, 0.2–0.5 mm wide. Disc depressed. Valves enclosed. Seeds regular and laterally compressed, cymbiform or ovoid, shallowly reticulate, dull to semi-glossy, red-brown. Hilum terminal. Chaff linear, chaff same colour as seed.

Distribution: W.A., or N.T., or Qld.

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