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Eucalyptus eremophila

Eucalyptus eremophila (Diels) Maiden, J. & Proc. Roy. Soc. New South Wales 54: 71 (1920).
Eucalyptus occidentalis var. eremophila Diels, in Diels & E. Pritzel, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 35: 442 (1905).
TYPE: Western Australia, near Coolgardie, L. Diels 5237 (lecto NSW, fide Maiden CR 4: 176). Cited as "Hab. in distr. Coolgardie pr. Boorabbin in glareosis fl. m. Nov. (E. Pritzel Pl. Austr. occ. 917), pr. munic. Coolgardie in fruticetis apertis arenoso-lutosis flor. m. Oct. (D. 5237), in fruticetis apertis lutoso- lapidosis fl. m. Nov. pr. Gilmores (D. 5264)." Diels cited 3 syntypes in the protologue, but Maiden recorded the above as the Type for Diels' variety (C.R. 4: 176, Plate 149, fig. 7). This specimen is hence regarded as the Lectotype, whether Maiden was reporting Diels' or his own opinion.
Eucalyptus occidentalis var. grandiflora Maiden, Crit. Revis. Eucalyptus 4: 149, Plate 150, fig. 1, 2 (1919).
TYPE: Western Australia, Kurrawang, near Kalgoolie, J.B. Cleland (holo NSW).

Habit: Mallee.
Bark: Bark smooth throughout, grey-brown or brown or yellow. Pith glands present; Bark glands absent. Cotyledons bisected.
Leaves: Intermediate leaves disjunct early, elliptic to ovate, straight, entire, dull grey green, petiolate. Adult leaves disjunct, narrow lanceolate or elliptic, not falcate, acute or obtuse or rounded, basally tapered, glossy, grey-green, thick, concolorous; Petioles narrowly flattened or channelled. Lateral veins obscure, very acute or acute.
Inflorescences: Conflorescence simple, axillary; Umbellasters 3-flowered to 7-flowered. Peduncles narrowly flattened or angular (to 3mm wide).
Flowers: Buds rostrate, not glaucous or pruinose. Calyx calyptrate; shedding early. Calyptra rostrate, 3 times as long as hypanthium, narrower than hypanthium; smooth. Hypanthium smooth. Flowers cream, or yellow, or pink, or red.
Fruits: Fruits cylindrical or pyriform or campanulate. Disc depressed. Valves exserted. Chaff dimorphic, linear and cuboid.

Distribution: W.A.

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