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Eucalyptus glaucescens

Eucalyptus glaucescens Maiden & Blakely, Crit. Revis. Eucalyptus 8: 59 (1929).
TYPE: New South Wales, Tingiringi Mtn, 5400 ft., W. Baeuerlen 20 Jun 1887 (holo NSW, 2 sheets).
Eucalyptus gunnii var. glauca Deane & Maiden, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 24: 464 (1899).
TYPE: Victoria, Summit of Mt. Baw Baw, F.v. Mueller (lecto NSW 71711, isolecto MEL, here designated). Cited as "It is not uncommon in the Snowy Mountains of both this colony and Victoria (including summits of Mt Baw Baw, Mueller), and we have it from as far north as Nimbo Station, head of the Queanbeyan River (H. Deane),..."

Habit: Tree or Mallee, Height to 20 m high (rarely 40).
Bark: Bark smooth throughout or persistent on lower trunk (rarely), shortly fibrous ("peppermint"), grey, grey or green or yellow (above), shedding in short ribbons. Branchlets green. Pith glands absent; Bark glands present. Cotyledons obreniform (bilobed).
Leaves: Intermediate leaves opposite, orbiculate (cordate), straight, entire, glaucous, sessile, 9 cm long, 5 mm wide. Adult leaves disjunct, lanceolate or broad lanceolate, not falcate, emarginate, basally tapered, dull, green or grey-green, thick, concolorous, 6–12 cm long, 1.2–2 mm wide; Petioles 15–25 mm long. Lateral veins prominent, acute, moderately spaced.
Inflorescences: Conflorescence simple, axillary; Umbellasters 3-flowered, regular. Peduncles terete, 2–6 mm long. Pedicels terete.
Flowers: Buds cylindrical or clavate, glaucous, 5–8 mm long, 3–4 mm diam. Calyx calyptrate; shedding early. Calyptra hemispherical or conical (beaked), 1 times as long as hypanthium, as wide as hypanthium or wider than hypanthium; smooth. Hypanthium smooth. Flowers white, or cream.
Fruits: Fruits cylindrical or ovoid, pedicellate, 3–4 locular, 6–12 mm long, 6–10 mm diam. Disc flat or depressed (slightly). Valves enclosed or rim-level. Chaff dimorphic, linear and cuboid, chaff same colour as seed.

Occurrence: Uncommon but locally abundant; sclerophyllous shrubland on shallow soils on granite slopes.
Distribution: N.S.W., or Vic. N.S.W. regions Southern Tablelands.

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