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Eucalyptus gomphocephala

Eucalyptus gomphocephala DC., Prodr. 3: 220 (1828).
TYPE: Western Australia, Geographe Bay, 'N. Holl. cote orient; Mus. Far. 1821', J. Leschenault, May 1801 (holo G, iso K). Cited as "5 in Nova-Hollandia."
Eucalyptus gomphocephala var. rhodoxylon Blakely & Steedman, Contrib. New South Wales Nat. Herb. 1(1): 36 (1939).
TYPE: Western Australia, Guilford district, Western Australia, H. Steedman, Nov 1937 (holo NSW). Cited as "H. Steedman, November, 1937" (cited with notes on habitat).

Eucalyptus gompho-occidentalis X hort. ex Vilmorin, Cat. Vilmorin, Andrieux et Cie. ().
nom. nud.

Habit: Tree.
Bark: Bark persistent throughout, shortly fibrous ("peppermint"), grey. Pith glands present; Bark glands absent. Cotyledons bisected.
Leaves: Intermediate leaves disjunct early, elliptic to ovate, straight, entire, dull grey green, petiolate. Adult leaves disjunct, lanceolate, falcate, obtuse, basally tapered, dull, green or grey-green, thick or thin, concolorous; Petioles narrowly flattened or channelled. Lateral veins obscure, acute.
Inflorescences: Conflorescence simple, axillary; Umbellasters 7-flowered. Peduncles broadly flattened.
Flowers: Buds clavate, not glaucous or pruinose. Calyx calyptrate; shedding early. Calyptra hemispherical or conical, 1 times as long as hypanthium or 2 times as long as hypanthium, wider than hypanthium; smooth. Hypanthium smooth. Flowers white, or cream.
Fruits: Fruits cylindrical or campanulate. Disc flat or raised. Valves rim-level or exserted. Chaff dimorphic, linear and cuboid.

Distribution: W.A.

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