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Eucalyptus morrisii

Eucalyptus morrisii R. Baker, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 25: 312 plate 18 (1900).
TYPE: New South Wales, Girilambone, W. Baeuerlen, Dec 1899 (lecto NSW, fide Maiden C.R.4: 57 & 63). Cited as "Hab - Near Girilambone, on stony or rocky hills, thence on hills across country to Cobar; also near Coolabah, where it occurs on more or less level stony ground (W. Baeuerlen)." "Oil - Leaves sent from Girilambone, New South Wales, 15th January, 1900."

Habit: Mallee or Tree, Height to 10 m high.
Bark: Bark persistent on lower trunk to persistent on trunk and larger branches, stringy, grey to yellow-brown, white or grey (above), shedding in large plates or flakes. Branchlets green. Pith glands absent; Bark glands absent. Cotyledons obreniform (bilobed).
Leaves: Intermediate leaves disjunct early, narrow lanceolate to linear, straight, entire, dull green, petiolate, 12 cm long, 1.2 mm wide. Adult leaves disjunct, narrow lanceolate or lanceolate, falcate, acute, basally tapered, dull, grey-green, thin, concolorous, 8–12 cm long, 1.2–2 mm wide; Petioles narrowly flattened or channelled, Petioles 10–20 mm long. Lateral veins prominent, acute, moderately spaced.
Inflorescences: Conflorescence simple, axillary; Umbellasters 3-flowered to 7-flowered (rarely), regular. Peduncles terete or quadrangular, 5–10 mm long. Pedicels terete, 0–3 mm long.
Flowers: Buds ovoid, not glaucous or pruinose, 7–12 mm long, 5–6 mm diam. Calyx calyptrate; shedding early. Calyptra conical, 3 times as long as hypanthium, as wide as hypanthium; smooth. Hypanthium smooth. Flowers white, or cream.
Fruits: Fruits globose or ovoid, pedicellate, 4–6 locular, 7–9 mm long, 6–9 mm diam. Disc raised. Valves exserted. Chaff dimorphic, linear and cuboid, chaff distinctly different in colour from seed.

Occurrence: Restricted and local; sclerophyllous shrubland on skeletal soil on dry sandstone ridges.
Distribution: N.S.W. N.S.W. regions North Western Plains, or South Western Plains.

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