International Organization for Plant Information
Commission of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) and a member of Species 2000

General Information

The International Organization for Plant Information (IOPI) will provide a series of computerized databases summarizing taxonomic, biological, and other information on plants of the world. IOPI's mission is to develop an efficient and effective means of providing basic plant information to users, and guide them toward sources of authoritative data. IOPI is a member of Species 2000, and is a supporter of GBIF.

IOPI was initiated in 1991 by an international group of botanists and computer scientists. It has a membership that includes many major botanical institutions and related organizations, plus botanical specialists in over 40 countries.

IOPI is establishing an integrated and reliably documented network of databases that include the following:

  • names and geographical distributions of plant taxa

  • biological attributes

  • potentials for utilization

  • conservation-related data

This is an innovative strategy by the botanical community to provide up-to-date and accessible information on plant taxonomy and biology to people who use it daily. It draws together information on plants from a broad range of sources and makes it available to a diverse audience. IOPI users include

  • natural and genetic resource managers

  • agronomists

  • biologists

  • biodiversity inventories

  • horticulturists

  • conservationists

  • pharmaceutical researchers

  • other users of plant information

    IOPI's Objectives

    • To promote and prepare expeditiously a series of integrated, dispersed, computerized databases summarizing basic taxonomic information (bearing in mind the basic requirements of taxonomic research and opinion) on all kinds of plants in the world and their biological and other attributes (in particular, data relating to their utilization and conservation). [Plants are defined as those organisms covered by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.]

    • To document the data in such ways as shall make them most readily accessible to users of all kinds, in all regions, and in such formats as shall seem most expedient to IOPI.

    • Thereafter, to maintain the data in an up-to-date form and to continue to make them accessible as above.

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