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The Species Plantarum Programme (SPP)

The Species Plantarum Programme is a long term project to record essential taxonomic information on vascular plants worldwide: accepted names and synonyms with places of publication and types, short descriptions of all taxa from family to infraspecific rank, keys, distributions, maps, illustraions, references to literature comments, etc. It is being published in hardcopy as 'Flora of the World'; it will also be available electronically. Nomenclatural and distributional data from this is being made available in the Global Plant Checklist.

PARTS PUBLISHED or in preparation

Species Plantarum-pt-1.jpg Species Plantarum-pt-2 Species Plantarum-pt-3 Species Plantarum-pt-4
Part number Title Authors Year of publication No. of genera; species; distribution Comments
- Introduction A.E.Orchard and others 1999 Introduction to the programme; Guide for Contributors; Glossary; Geographic System Available in English and Chinese in hard copy. Now available in pdf: Spanish versions of Guide for Contributors and Glossary; French version of Guide for Contributors
- Cumulative index to parts 1-10 A.S. George 2005 - Available only as pdf
1 Irvingiaceae D.J. Harris 1999 3 genera, 10 species; Western and Central Africa and SE Asia .
2 Stangeriaceae E.M.A. Steyn, G.F. Smith & K.D. Hill 1999 2 genera, 3 species; Southern Africa and Queensland, Australia .
3 Welwitschiaceae E.M.A. Steyn & G.F. Smith 1999 1 genus; 1 species; SW Africa Updated electronic version 2001
4 Schisandraceae R.M.K. Saunders 2001 2 genera, 39 species; East Asian except 1 species in SE U.S.A. & Mexico .
5 Prioniaceae S.L. Munro, J. Kirschner and H.P. Linder 2001 1 genus, 1 species; from South Africa .
6-8 Juncaceae compiled by J. Kirschner 2002 7 genera, c. 440 species; widespread in cool temperature regions and mountains of the tropics Part 6: all genera except Juncus; Parts 7, 8: Juncus
9, 10 Chrysobalanaceae G.T. Prance and C.A. Sothers 2003 18 genera, 531 species; pantropical Part 9: Chrysobalanus to Parinari; Part 10: Acioa to Magnistipula
11 Saururaceae Anthony R. Brach and Xia Nian-he 2005 4 genera, 6 species; temperate to tropical S & E Asia and N America .
12 Opiliaceae Paul Hiepko 2008 10 genera, 33 species; tropics .
13 Paracryphiaceae Joël Jérémie 2008 1 genus, 1 species; New Caledonia .
14 Amborellaceae Joël Jérémie, Porter P. Lowry II and Frédéric Tronchet 2008 1 genus; 1 species; New Caledonia .
- Morinaceae - Draft manuscript submitted 3 genera, 13 species; from Balkan Peninsula to Western China .
- Datiscaceae - Draft manuscript submitted 3-4 genera; Asia, Australia, Wn N America .
- Sparganiaceae - Manuscript submitted; being edited 1 genus; c. 12 species; temperate regions .
- Gyrostemonaceae - Manuscript submitted 5 genera; 14 species; Australia .
- Hydrastidaceae - Manuscript submitted 1 genus; 1 species; Japan, E. North America .

To buy any of the published Parts, contact Editions des Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève or fax +41 22 418 5101

Contact the Secretary of the SPP Committee, Wayt Thomas (New York Botanical Garden), for further information on SPP or to offer contributions.

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