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Cycas pranburiensis Photo Ken Hill
More about Cycads

Cycad enthusiasts today are fortunate in having a wealth of excellent literature readily available. A number of recently published books stand out as essential reading:

  • Good, D. 2001. Cycads of Africa. D&E Publishers, Gallomanor.

  • Hill, K.D. & Osborne, R.O. 2001. Cycads of Australia. Kangaroo Press, Sydney.

  • Jones, D.L. 2002. Cycads of the World. 2nd edn. Reed, Sydney.

  • Norstog, K.J. and Nichols, T.J. 1997. The Biology of the Cycads. Cornell University Press, Ithaca.

  • Walters, T. and Osborne, R. 2004. Cycad Classification Concepts and Recommendations. CABI Publishing, Wallingford UK.

  • Whitelock, L.M. 2002. The Cycads.Timber Press, Portland, Oregon.

Earlier literature up to the mid-1980's has been comprehensively indexed and annotated by

  • Read, R.W. & Solt, M.L. 1986. Bibliography of the living cycads. annotated. Lyonia 2(4): 33-199.

and there are also comprehensive although somewhat older publications and

  • Thieret, J.W. 1958. Economic Botany of the cycads. Economic Botany 12: 3-41.

    and toxicology and the medical implications

    • Whiting, M.G. 1963. Toxicity of the cycads. Economic Botany 17: 271-302.

    All references cited The Cycad Pages are listed in the bibliography for those interested in more detailed reading on all aspects of cycads.

    The Net has also become a great source of information and news. Try:

    Or just type "cycads" into your favourite net search engine.

    There are also great sites for cycad relatives and ecological associates. See the excellent Ginkgo bilobaPages by Cor Kwant.


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