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Duretto, M. F., McCune, S., Luxton, R. and Milne, D. (30 Jan 2017) Strelitzia nicolai (Strelitziaceae): a new species, genus and family weed record for New South Wales. Telopea 20 : 1-3.
Full Article pdf (482KB)
Biju, P, Josekutty, E J., Muhammed Haneef, K. A. and Augustine, Jomy (30 Jan 2017) Nymphoides krishnakesara var. bispinosa (Menyanthaceae), a new taxon from the lateritc plateau of Northern Kerala, India. Telopea 20 : 5-10.
Full Article pdf (1.9MB)
Conn, B. J. (30 Jan 2017) Actephila forsteri, a new name for Actephila longipedicellata P.I.Forst. (Euphorbiaceae). Telopea 20 : 11-12.
Full Article pdf (124KB)
Perkins, Andrew J. (30 Jan 2017) Rediscovery and updated description of the enigmatic annual Hydrocotyle corynophora F.Muell. (Araliaceae). Telopea 20 : 13-19.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Gogoi, Rajib, Borah, Souravjyoti and Adamowski, Wojciech (16 Feb 2017) Impatiens tatoensis (Balsaminaceae): a new species from Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India and notes on lectotypification of the name I. spirifera Hook.f. & Thomson. Telopea 20 : 21-27.
Full Article pdf (1.4MB)
Kodela, Phillip G. and Wilson, Peter G. (16 Feb 2017) Lectotypification of Mimosa pubescens Vent. (Fabaceae, Mimosoideae). Telopea 20 : 29-33.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Upadhaya, Krishna, Mir, Aabid H., Roy, Dilip K. and Odyuo, Nripemo (28 Feb 2017) A new species of Pyrenaria (Theaceae-Theoideae) from Northeast India. Telopea 20 : 35-40.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Perkins, A. J. (28 Feb 2017) Rising from the ashes - Hydrocotyle phoenix (Araliaceae), a new annual species from south-western Australia. Telopea 20 : 41-47.
Full Article pdf (2.1MB)
Meagher, David A. (10 Apr 2017) The genus Ptychomitrium Fürnr. (Bryophyta: Ptychomitriaceae) in Australia. Telopea 20 : 49-60.
Full Article pdf (3.1MB)
Meagher, David A. and Pócs, Tamás (10 Apr 2017) The genus Cololejeunea (Spruce) Steph. (Marchantiophyta: Lejeuneaceae) on Lord Howe Island. Telopea 20 : 61-68.
Full Article pdf (4.3MB)
Tandang, Danilo N., Tadiosa, Edwin R. and Gardner, Elliot M. (10 Apr 2017) Sloetia (Moraceae): a new generic record for the Philippines. Telopea 20 : 69-73.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Elix, John A. and Mayrhofer, Helmut (10 Apr 2017) New species and new records of buellioid lichens (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) from New Zealand. Telopea 20 : 75-84.
Full Article pdf (2.3MB)
Mabberley, David J. and Capuron, René P. (10 Apr 2017) Two nomina nova in Malagasy Grewia L. (Malvaceae-Grewioideae). Telopea 20 : 85-88.
Full Article pdf (135.3KB)
Briggs, Barbara G (10 Apr 2017) The identity of Restio curvulus Nees and lectotypifications of some Australian Restionaceae. Telopea 20 : 89-92.
Full Article pdf (155KB)
Meagher, David A. (08 May 2017) What is Microlejeunea victoriae D.J.Carr?. Telopea 20 : 93-95.
Full Article pdf (118.4KB)
Oren, Muhammet, Uyar, Guray, Ezer, Tülay and Can Gozcu, Merve (08 May 2017) New and noteworthy bryophyte records for Turkey and Southwest Asia. Telopea 20 : 97-104.
Full Article pdf (3.7MB)
Sukkharak, Phiangphak (08 May 2017) An additional variant of Jubula hutchinsiae subsp. javanica (Marchantiophyta: Jubulaceae) in Thailand. Telopea 20 : 105-108.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
McCarthy, Patrick and Kantvilas, Gintaras (12 Jun 2017) A new species of Porina (lichenized Ascomycota, Porinaceae) from Tasmania. Telopea 20 : 109-113.
Full Article pdf (832.1KB)
Zander, Richard H. and Sollman, Philip (12 Jun 2017) Weisiopsis nigeriana (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) new to Australia, with perennating rhizoids. Telopea 20 : 115-118.
Full Article pdf (319.7KB)
Sunil, Chandrasseril N., Naveen Kumar, V. V., Rajeev, Thyppokkath S., Ratheesh Narayana, M. K. and Prasad, V. P. (12 Jun 2017) Kleinia subrahmanianii (Asteraceae: Senecioneae), a new species from southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India. Telopea 20 : 119-123.
Full Article pdf (1.5MB)
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