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Genus Corymbia Family Myrtaceae

Description: Generally trees, sometimes mallee-like; bark persistent (shortly fibrous-flaky, parting in small polygons), or smooth (shedding in polygonal flakes or short strips).

Leaves dimorphic; juvenile leaves opposite; adult leaves usually disjunct opposite; similifacial or less commonly dorsiventral, lateral veins closely spaced, oil glands usually present in leaves.

Inflorescences compound, terminal or lateral, often extensively branched, generally based on regular 7-flowered umbellasters. Calyx fused into a calyptra which persists to anthesis, or shedding before the inner calyptra. Corolla of ± free petals, adherent to the calyx (but separable) or ± fused to the calyx (and shed with the outer calyptra), or fused into an inner calyptra and falling after the outer calyptra and sometimes with it. Stamens numerous, usually in several continuous whorls; filaments regularly inflexed in bud; anthers versatile oblong, dehiscing through parallel slits. Ovary half-inferior, usually 3-locular, enclosed by hypanthium except at top; ovules numerous, ovulodes present.

Fruit a capsule, becoming woody in most species; disc depressed; valves enclosed.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 115 species, all but 5 endemic to Aust. (4 spp. native, 1 sp. N.G.) all States except Tas.

Text by K.D. Hill
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Corymbia citriodora

 Key to the species 
1Fruit papery; bark smooth with persistent tessellated stocking on lower trunkCorymbia tessellaris
Fruit woody; bark smooth or persistent on all of trunk2
2Bark smooth on trunk (spotted gums)3
Bark persistent and tessellated on trunk (bloodwoods)
                       Back to 1
3Fruit >11 mm diam.Corymbia henryi
Fruit <11 mm diam
                       Back to 2
4Adult leaves with length:breadth ratio mostly 2–7:1; juvenile leaves ovate; south of Port MacquarieCorymbia maculata
Adult leaves with length:breadth ratio mostly 5–15:1; juvenile leaves narrow-lanceolate; north from Coffs Harbour
                       Back to 3
Corymbia variegata
5Fruit 5–8 mm diam.Corymbia trachyphloia
Fruit 8–19 mm diam.
                       Back to 2
6Adult leaves concolorous7
Adult leaves discolorous
                       Back to 5
7Outer calyptra persistent; buds pedicellateCorymbia tumescens
Outer calyptra shed early; buds sessile
                       Back to 6
Corymbia eximia
8Bark flaking off on smaller branches; seeds not wingedCorymbia gummifera
Bark fully persistent on smaller branches; seeds winged
                       Back to 6
9Adult leaves broad-lanceolate or ovateCorymbia intermedia
Adult leaves lanceolate
                       Back to 8
Corymbia dolichocarpa

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