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Genus Hymenophyllum Family Hymenophyllaceae

Synonyms: Mecodium APNI*
Hemicyatheon (Domin) Copel. APNI*
Rosenstockia Copel. APNI*
Sphaerocionium APNI*

Description: Rhizome long-creeping, filiform, glabrous or only sparsely hairy when mature.

Fronds simple or divided, glabrous or hairy, margins entire or toothed; segments with a single vein only.

Sori marginal or terminal on the segments; involucre 2-valved, the lips ± circular or triangular; receptacle usually included within the involucre.



Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 300 species, cosmopolitan. Australia: 21 species, Qld, N.S.W. (including Lord Howe Island), Vic., Tas.

Text by Peter G. Wilson: updated Louisa Murray (Jan 2013)
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Growing on Lord Howe Island2
Growing on mainland3
2Fronds 5–12 cm long; ultimate pinnules 0.5–1 mm wide; margins of involucre entireHymenophyllum howense
Fronds 2–6 cm long; ultimate pinnules 1.5–2 mm wide; margins of involucre dentate
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Hymenophyllum moorei
3Fronds with margins of lamina bearing simple and branched hairsHymenophyllum lyallii
Fronds with margins of lamina never bearing branched hairs
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4Involucres without a definite tube at the base, or the tubular portion not immersed in the lamina5
Involucres with a distinct obconical tube at the base, tubular portion immersed in the lamina
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Hymenophyllum bivalve
5Fronds with margins of lamina toothed6
Fronds with margins of lamina not toothed
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6Sori terminal on the primary divisions of the laminaHymenophyllum pumilum
Sori borne on the margins of the primary divisions of the lamina
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7Primary pinnae branching on the upper side only; margin of involucre always entireHymenophyllum peltatum
Primary pinnae branched on both sides; margin of involucre usually toothed, sometimes entire
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Hymenophyllum cupressiforme
8Margins of indusia and/or lamina black and thickened; lamina simple and forked once, or rarely to 3 timesHymenophyllum marginatum
Margins of lamina not black; lamina 1-pinnatifid or more divided
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9Fronds with stipe and rachis distinctly winged almost to the base; sori often borne in pairs, base not immersed in the laminaHymenophyllum australe
Fronds with stipe not winged or very narrowly winged; sori never in pairs, base somewhat immersed in the lamina
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10Fronds mostly at least 2–pinnate with pinnae pinnatifid; stipe and lower part of rachis unwingedHymenophyllum flabellatum
Fronds 1-pinnate or 1–2-pinnatifid; stipe unwinged or very narrowly winged
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Hymenophyllum rarum

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