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Genus Pomaderris Family Rhamnaceae

Description: Shrubs or occasionally small trees, young stems lower surface of leaves and inflorescences ± tomentose, hairs generally stellate or mixed with, or concealed by, longer simple hairs.

Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate; stipules brown, scarious, usually shed early.

Flowers usually yellow or sometimes whitish [rarely pink], mostly c. 2 mm long, clustered in small cymes mostly grouped into terminal panicles or corymbs, sometimes in head-like clusters; bracts surrounding buds usually shed early. Hypanthium fused to ovary and disc, but often apparently absent.. Sepals 5, often reflexed. Petals absent or 5 and often falling early, not enclosing the stamens. Stamens 5; filaments usually long and incurved. Disc annular, surrounding the base of the ovary. Ovary ± half-inferior.

Capsule septicidal, generally fused for about half its length to the hypanthium; separating into 3 pyrenes that open on the inner face.

Photo J. Plaza



Flowering: Most species flower in spring, with buds apparent for many months before flowers open.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 70 spp., Aust. & N.Z. Aust.: 65 spp. (61 spp. endemic), widespread, all States except N.T., mainly temp. in wetter climates.

Neville Walsh of the National Herbarium of Victoria has assisted in the updating of this treatment in line with his recent research.

Text by G.J. Harden
Taxon concept: Flora of NSW vol. 1 Supplement (1999)

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Pomaderris walshii

 Key to the species 
1Leaves ± toothed or margins appearing uneven due to marginal tufts of hairs, secondary veins commonly reaching the margins (rarely looping to the inside) and terminating in minute hair tufts3
Leaves entire or rarely slightly crenate, secondary veins either obscure or looping to inside and not reaching the margins2
2Upper surface of leaves hairy (at least when young)11
Upper surface of leaves glabrous, sometimes a few hairs along veins
                       Back to 1
3Leaves >5 cm long; flowers in loose elongated panicles, 8–25 cm longPomaderris aspera
Leaves <5 cm long; flowers in head-like clusters or short panicles
                       Back to 34
4Leaves regularly <5 mm widePomaderris pauciflora
Leaves generally >5 mm wide
                       Back to 3
5Lower surface of leaves and young stems densely hairy with long brownish simple hairs above a whitish tomentum6
Lower surface of leaves and young stems ± less hoary with stellate hairs, rusty, whitish or greenish
                       Back to 4
6Upper surface of leaves with sparse to dense simple hairsPomaderris eriocephala
Upper surface of leaves glabrous
                       Back to 5
Pomaderris brunnea
7Upper leaf surface sparsely to densely hairy8
Upper leaf surface glabrous or almost so
                       Back to 5
8Leaves stellate-hairy on both surfaces, lower surface greenish, epidermis visible between the stellate hairsPomaderris viridis
Leaves with simple hairs on upper surface, lower surface closely tomentose, whitish to rusty-coloured, epidermis not visible between hairs
                       Back to 7
9Flowers shortly pedicellate in short panicles, bracts falling early; stigma divided almost to basePomaderris prunifolia
Flowers sessile in dense head-like clusters surrounded by bracts, bracts persistent until flowers open; stigma divided to about midway
                       Back to 8
Pomaderris betulina
10Leaves elliptic to obovate, 15–40 mm long, 8–22 mm wide, margins without a whitish border; hypanthium, sepals and capsule with long simple hairs over a short whitish tomentum; chiefly on the coast and ranges, west to Burrinjuck (SWS)Pomaderris betulina
Leaves ovate to broad-elliptic, usually 10–20 mm long, 5–15 mm wide, margins often with a narrow whitish border; hypanthium, sepals and capsule with only short stellate hairs; doubtfully in far western N.S.W. (FWP)
                       Back to 7
Pomaderris paniculosa
11Leaves ± narrow-oblong to linear, lamina usually <6 mm wide and mostly <20 mm long; flowers in short axillary cymes forming narrow terminal leafy panicles12
Leaves broader, lanceolate to ± circular, leaves usually >5 mm wide and mostly >20 mm long (or if <20 mm long then lamina ± circular to broad-ovate or elliptic); flowers in terminal generally leafless panicles, often corymbose or in dense head-like clusters
                       Back to 2
12Leaves <1.5 mm wide, ± terete, margins strongly revolute, lower surface of lamina not visiblePomaderris phylicifolia
Leaves >1.5 mm wide, ± flat, margins recurved but at least part of lower surface of lamina visible
                       Back to 11
13Secondary veins not apparent on either surface, lamina usually <3 mm wide; capsule glabrous or hairy14
Secondary veins visible on both surfaces of leaves or rarely only apparent on lower surface; lamina mostly >3 mm wide; capsule hairy
                       Back to 12
14Capsule and ovary glabrous, capsule almost entirely exserted from shortly tomentose hypanthium15
Capsule and ovary hairy, acute, immersed for about a third of its length in the tomentose hypanthium
                       Back to 13
Pomaderris phylicifolia
15Upper surface of leaves bristly with scattered stellate hairs; leaves ± narrow-oblong, margins recurvedPomaderris angustifolia
Upper surface of leaves bristly with scattered simple hairs; leaves narrow-elliptic to oblanceolate, ± flat
                       Back to 14
Pomaderris helianthemifolia
16Upper surface of leaves velvety with a covering of minute stellate hairsPomaderris pallida
Upper surface of leaves bristly with scattered simple hairs, sometimes hairs clustered
                       Back to 13
17Leaves with margins ± crenate, primary and secondary veins conspicuously impressed on upper surfacePomaderris pauciflora
Leaves with margins entire, usually only primary vein impressed on upper surface
                       Back to 16
Pomaderris phylicifolia
18Leaves mostly <8 mm long and <6 mm wide; lower surface of leaves and branchlets coarsely stellate-hairyPomaderris elachophylla
Leaves mostly >10 mm long and >6 mm wide, if smaller then lower surface of leaves and branchlets finely stellate-hairy
                       Back to 11
19Leaves rusty-hairy on lower surface at least along the secondary veins, young stems and leaves usually densely rusty-hairy with long rusty hairs20
Mature leaves not rusty on lower surface; young stems and leaves not or rarely rusty, if rusty then long spreading rusty hairs absent
                       Back to 18
20Flowers 3–5 mm long; petals present; leaves often >30 mm long21
Flowers 2–2.5 mm long, in head-like clusters or short panicles; petals present or absent; leaves mostly <30 mm long
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21Upper surface of leaves with sparse to moderately dense simple hairs, often ± bristly; secondary and usually tertiary veins distinct on lower surface of lamina; lamina lanceolate to ovate, sometimes elliptic, apex ± acute to roundedPomaderris lanigera
Upper surface of leaves with short dense simple hairs, velvety; only secondary veins distinct on lower surface; lamina ± oblong to circular, apex obtuse to emarginate
                       Back to 20
Pomaderris vellea
22Secondary veins commonly terminating in minute hair tufts, margins ± crenate to toothed, upper leaf surface ± scabrous, hairs sparse; petals absent (return to couplet 3)3
Secondary veins looping to inside of margins, margins entire, upper leaf surface ± velvety, hairs dense; petals generally present (mostly absent in P. cocoparrana)
                       Back to 20
23Flowers ± sessile in relatively compact clusters, bracts usually persistent until fruit formedPomaderris subcapitata
Flowers pedicellate in loose panicles, bracts falling before flowers open
                       Back to 22
24Leaves oblong to ± elliptic, upper surface dull grey-green; petals usually present; species of the coast and rangesPomaderris velutina
Leaves ovate to ± less circular, upper surface ± shining dark green; petals usually absent; western species
                       Back to 23
25Hairs on upper surface of leaves sparse, simple; hairs on young stems and lower surface of leaves stellate; coast and rangesPomaderris cotoneaster
Hairs on upper surface of leaves dense (but very short), simple; hairs on young stems and leaf lower surface mostly simple; inland species
                       Back to 24
Pomaderris cocoparrana
26Upper surface of leaves with a dense very fine soft pubescence, ± velvety, sometimes hairs very sparse27
Upper surface of leaves ± bristly, not velvety, hairs scattered to very sparse
                       Back to 19
Pomaderris cotoneaster
27Leaves usually <15 mm long; obovate to ± circular; 0.6–2 cm long, 5–14 mm widePomaderris brogoensis
Leaves usually >15 mm long; ovate, elliptic to broad-ovate, 1–5 cm long, 8–20 mm wide
                       Back to 26
28Leaves greyish on upper surface; coastal ranges of the south coast: SC, STPomaderris cinerea
Leaves green on upper surface; inland ranges and upper Hunter Valley: CWS, NC, CC
                       Back to 27
29Petals present; chiefly in and near the Rylstone-Bylong area, also gorges near HillgrovePomaderris precaria
Petals absent; confined to the Denman area
                       Back to 28
Pomaderris reperta
30Most leaves small, either <10 mm wide or mostly <30 mm long31
Most leaves larger, >10 mm wide and mostly >25 mm long (leaves associated with inflorescences often smaller)
                       Back to 2
31Secondary veins obscure on lower surface; leaves <4 mm wide, generally 10–15 mm long32
Secondary veins distinct on lower surface; leaves usually >4 mm wide and 10–30 mm long
                       Back to 30
32Petals absent; stems and lower surface of leaves with long fawnish to golden-brown hairs, margins prominently recurved33
Petals present; stems and lower leaf surface with short whitish hairs, margins thickened but not always recurved
                       Back to 31
Pomaderris ledifolia
33Hairs on new growth and lower surface of leaves short and appressed, shining golden-brownPomaderris sericea
Hairs on new growth and lower surface of leaves long and spreading, fawnish above a short whitish tomentum
                       Back to 32
Pomaderris mediora
34Leaves with secondary veins looping and not reaching the margins, margins entire and without hair tufts35
Leaves with secondary veins reaching the margins (rarely looping to inside) and commonly terminating in minute hair tufts, margins ± crenate (return to couplet 3)
                       Back to 31
35Species growing south from Sydney36
Species growing north from the upper Hunter Valley
                       Back to 34
36Lower surface of leaves appearing silky, with a short greyish tomentum and longer forwardly appressed rusty hairs; upper surface of leaves often wrinkled; secondary veins usually >6 pairsPomaderris andromedifolia
Lower surface of leaves not appearing silky, with a short greyish tomentum, all hairs ± the same length; upper surface of leaves smooth; secondary veins 3–6 pairs
                       Back to 35
37Petals absent; species confined to the escarpment ranges inland from Moruya (SC)Pomaderris gilmourii
Petals present on most flowers (but sometimes fewer than 5); confined to Sublime Point (CC) and Bungonia-Goulburn area (ST)
                       Back to 36
38Flowers cream; leaves 3–8 mm wide, confined to Sublime Point (CC)Pomaderris adnata
Flowers golden-yellow; leaves 5–15 mm wide; restricted to the Bungonia-Goulburn area (ST)
                       Back to 37
Pomaderris delicata
39Sepals 1.5–2 mm long; petals absent; chiefly from Guyra district to Gibraltar Range National ParkPomaderris ligustrina
Sepals 2–2.5 mm long; petals usually present; mostly north from Gibraltar Range National Park, also near Wingen, Hillgrove and Inverell
                       Back to 35
Pomaderris graniticola
40Lower surface of leaves silvery- or rusty-hairy; secondary veins regularly arranged, tertiary veins sometimes obscure; flowers mostly pale when fresh, cream to whitish41
Lower surface of leaves dull greyish to whitish hairy, rarely with rusty hairs on midvein; secondary veins not regularly arranged, tertiary veins usually distinct on lower surface; flowers cream to yellow
                       Back to 30
41Lower surface of mature leaves silvery or whitish (rarely rusty) with a dense covering of hairs of similar length (veins, margins and petioles sometimes rusty), new growth and young stems with ± short dense coppery to reddish hairs; tertiary veins usually not apparent42
Lower surface of leaves ± rusty with loose simple rusty hairs longer than the paler short tomentum, especially rusty along veins; new growth and young stems with long spreading rusty hairs; tertiary veins obscure or apparent
                       Back to 40
42North from Barrington Tops; petals usually present, falling early43
South of Barrington Tops, chiefly on the SC and ST; petals absent or present
                       Back to 41
43Lower surface of leaves not silky, tomentum of short curly hairs and sometimes with longer straight hairs; leaves mostly >5 cm long; sepals 1.3–2.5 mm longPomaderris argyrophylla
Lower surface of leaves silky with hairs lying in the same direction; leaves generally <5 cm long; sepals 2–2.5 mm long
                       Back to 42
Pomaderris nitidula
44Petals present; sepals 2.5–3 mm longPomaderris parrisiae
Petals absent; sepals 1.5–2.2 mm long
                       Back to 42
45Leaves lanceolate to oblong, >3 times as long as wide; hairs on new growth coppery-coloured to crimson; secondary veins on lower surface of leaves visible but immersed within hair layerPomaderris virgata
Leaves ovate to broad-ovate or elliptic, <3 times as long as wide; hairs on new growth fawn to golden; secondary veins on lower surface of leaves protruding above hair layer between veins
                       Back to 44
46Leaves with >6 pairs of secondary veins; simple hairs on young growth very dense, <0.4 mm long, forming an even, distinctly rusty layerPomaderris costata
Leaves with 4–6 pairs of secondary veins; simple hairs on young growth thread-like, the longest >0.5 mm, forming a sparse, uneven layer over the short grey stellate tomentum
                       Back to 45
Pomaderris bodalla
47Leaves either usually <15 mm wide or <3 cm long; lower surface with longer forwardly appressed hairs, hairs usually obscuring tertiary veins; either petals auriculate and margins toothed or petals absent48
Leaves usually >15 mm wide and >3 cm long; lower surface with longer curly rusty hairs above whitish tomentum, tertiary veins generally apparent; petals usually present, entire and narrow or petals absent
                       Back to 41
48Petals auriculate, margins toothed; lower surface of leaves pale, sometimes rusty, with secondary veins distinctPomaderris andromedifolia
Petals absent; lower surface of leaves generally rusty with secondary veins often obscure
                       Back to 47
Pomaderris ligustrina
49Simple hairs on lower surface of leaves and young stems appressed to spreading, straight or curved but not flexuous; leaves with apex acute to obtuse; widespread south of StroudPomaderris ferruginea
Simple hairs on lower surface of leaves and young stems spreading, flexuous, rusty, very dense, appearing woolly; leaves with apex obtuse; north of Gloucester district (NC)
                       Back to 47
Pomaderris crassifolia
50Stems and at least main veins on lower surface of leaves with scattered long hairs over short whitish tomentum51
Branches and lower surface of leaves, including veins, covered with short tomentum, longer simple hairs ± absent
                       Back to 40
51Petals present, auriculatePomaderris intermedia
Petals usually absent, if present then not auriculate
                       Back to 50
52Long hairs usually confined to main veins on lower leaf surface; margins recurved or not recurved53
Long hairs scattered over lower leaf surface as well as veins; margins not recurved
                       Back to 51
Pomaderris queenslandica
53Leaf margins recurved; leaves pointed at apex; simple hairs on lower surface palePomaderris discolor
Leaf margins not recurved; leaves obtuse; simple hairs on lower surface rusty
                       Back to 52
Pomaderris pilifera
54Petals absent; rare species, north from Mt WarningPomaderris notata
Petals present, ± auriculate; widespread species, south of Taree
                       Back to 50
Pomaderris elliptica

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