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Search terms: Pterostylis
Distribution N.S.W.

      Pterostylis abrupta , Tablelands Greenhood
      Pterostylis aciculiformis , Slender Ruddyhood
      Pterostylis acuminata , Pointed Greenhood, Sharp Greenhood
      Pterostylis aestiva , Long-tongue Summer Greenhood
    +Pterostylis alpina
      Pterostylis alveata , Coastal Greenhood
      Pterostylis ampliata
      Pterostylis aneba
      Pterostylis atrans , Dark-tip Greenhood
      Pterostylis baptistii , King Greenhood
      Pterostylis barringtonensis
      Pterostylis bicolor , Black-tip Greenhood
    +Pterostylis bicornis , Horned Greenhood
      Pterostylis biseta , Rustyhood
      Pterostylis boormanii
      Pterostylis calceolus
    +Pterostylis chaetophora
      Pterostylis chocolatina
      Pterostylis clivicola
    +Pterostylis cobarensis , Cobar Rustyhood
      Pterostylis coccina , Scarlet Greenhood
      Pterostylis collina
      Pterostylis concinna , Trim Greenhood
      Pterostylis conoglossa , Notched Greenhood
      Pterostylis crassicaulis
      Pterostylis crebra
      Pterostylis curta , Blunt Greenhood
      Pterostylis cycnocephala , Swan Greenhood
      Pterostylis daintreana
      Pterostylis decurva , Summer Greenhood
    +Pterostylis despectans , Lowly Greenhood
      Pterostylis divaricata , Northern Striped Greenhood
    +Pterostylis elegans , Elegant Greenhood
      Pterostylis erecta , Erect Maroonhood
      Pterostylis falcata , Sickle Greenhood
      Pterostylis fischii , Fisch's Greenhood
    +Pterostylis foliata , Slender Greenhood
      Pterostylis furcillata
      Pterostylis furva
    +Pterostylis gibbosa , Illawarra Greenhood
      Pterostylis grandiflora , Cobra Greenhood
      Pterostylis hamata , Hooked Greenhood
      Pterostylis hians , Opera House Greenhood
      Pterostylis hildae , Rainforest Greenhood
      Pterostylis hispidula , Small Nodding Greenhood
      Pterostylis jonesii
      Pterostylis laxa , Antelope Greenhood
      Pterostylis lineata
      Pterostylis lingua , Large-tongue Rustyhood
      Pterostylis loganii
      Pterostylis longicurva , Long-tongued Greenhood
      Pterostylis longifolia , Tall Greenhood
      Pterostylis longipetala
      Pterostylis macrosepala
      Pterostylis major
      Pterostylis maxima , Large Rustyhood
      Pterostylis melagramma , Black-stripe Greenhood
    +Pterostylis metcalfei , Ebor Greenhood
      Pterostylis mitchellii , Mitchell's Rustyhood
      Pterostylis monticola , Mountain Greenhood
      Pterostylis mutica , Midget Greenhood
      Pterostylis nana , Dwarf Greenhood
    +Pterostylis nigricans , Dark Greenhood
      Pterostylis nutans , Nodding Greenhood, Parrot's Beak Orchid
      Pterostylis oblonga
      Pterostylis obtusa , Blunt-tongue Greenhood
      Pterostylis ophioglossa , Snake Tongue Greenhood
    +Pterostylis oreophila , Blue-tongue Greenhood
      Pterostylis parca
      Pterostylis parviflora , Tiny Greenhood
      Pterostylis pedina
      Pterostylis pedoglossa , Prawn Greenhood
      Pterostylis pedunculata , Maroonhood
      Pterostylis petrosa
      Pterostylis plumosa , Bearded Greenhood
      Pterostylis praetermissa
    +Pterostylis pulchella
      Pterostylis pusilla , Ruddyhood, Small Rustyhood
      Pterostylis reflexa , Small Autumn Greenhood
      Pterostylis revoluta
    +Pterostylis riparia
      Pterostylis robusta , Large Striped Greenhood
      Pterostylis rubescens
      Pterostylis rufa , Rusty Hood
      Pterostylis russellii
    +Pterostylis saxicola , Sydney Plains Greenhood
      Pterostylis setifera , Sikh's Whiskers
      Pterostylis smaragdyna
    +Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay (A.Bishop J221/1-13)
      Pterostylis squamata , Southern Rustyhood, Ruddyhood
      Pterostylis stenosepala
      Pterostylis striata , Striped Greenhood
      Pterostylis subtilis
      Pterostylis tasmanica , Small Bearded Greenhood
      Pterostylis tenuis
      Pterostylis torquata , Collared Greenhood
      Pterostylis truncata , Brittle Greenhood, Little Dumpies
      Pterostylis tunstallii , Granite Greenhood, Tunstall's greenhood
      Pterostylis uliginosa , Marsh Greenhood
      Pterostylis umbrina
    +Pterostylis ventricosa
    +Pterostylis vernalis
      Pterostylis woollsii , Long-tail Greenhood, Long-tailed Greenhood

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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