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Cycas badensis

Cycas badensis K.D. Hill, "Telopea 7(1): 20-21, fig. 9." (1996). H—BRI
"TYPE: Australia, Queensland, Badu Island, J.R. Clarkson 4007, 29 Oct 1981 (holo BRI; iso DNA)."

From its occurrence on Badu Island.

Illustration: Hill 1996, fig. 9.

Historical notes:

Distinguishing features: Nearest to C. yorkiana, from which it differs in the smaller megasporophyll apex with fewer and shorter lateral spines and a shorter terminal spine, and somewhat less orange wool in the crown. Distinguished within the subsection by the short, soft cataphylls, the large leaves with broad leaflets, and the long megasporophylls.


Stems arborescent, to 8 m tall.

Leaves bright green, semiglossy, 100-120 cm long, moderately keeled, with 200-230 leaflets, with orange tomentum shedding as leaf expands; rachis usually terminated by a spine. Petiole 24-26 cm long (20-25% of total leaf), petiole glabrous, unarmed or spinescent for 5-50% of length. Basal leaflets not gradually reducing to spines, 60-140 mm long.

Median leaflets simple, strongly discolorous, 110-220 mm long, 5-7.5 mm wide, inserted at 50-70° to rachis, decurrent for 3 mm, narrowed to 3-4 mm at base (to 50-60% of maximum width), 8-9 mm apart on rachis; median leaflets section slightly keeled; margins slightly recurved; apex acute, spinescent; midrib flat above, raised below.

Cataphylls linear, soft, 50-90 mm long, persistent.

Pollen cones not seen; microsporophyll lamina firm, not dorsiventrally thickened, 40 mm long, 15 mm wide, fertile zone 25 mm long, sterile apex 15 mm long, level, apical spine prominent, sharply upturned, 4 mm long.

Megasporophylls 23-28 cm long, brown-tomentose; ovules 4-6, glabrous; lamina lanceolate, 50-55 mm long, 15-30 mm wide, regularly dentate, with 22-24 pungent lateral spines 1-4 mm long, 1-2 mm wide, apical spine distinct from lateral spines, 21-25 mm long, 5 mm wide at base.

Seeds flattened-ovoid, 30-35 mm long, 27-29 mm wide; sarcotesta orange-brown, not pruinose; fibrous layer absent; sclerotesta smooth. Spongy endocarp absent.

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