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Cycas fairylakea

Etymology: From the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanic Garden, from which the cultivated type specimen was collected.

Historical notes: Described in 1996 by Chinese botanist D.Y. Yang. This species was rediscovered in the wild only in 2000, near Shenzhen in eastern Guangdong Province. Before this, it had been regarded as conspecific with C. taiwaniana (Chen & Stevenson 1999).

Distinguishing features: C. fairylakea is allied to C. taiwaniana, differing in the orbicular megasporophyll lamina that lacks a distinct apical spine.

Distribution and habitat: Known only from eastern Guangdong Province. This species grows in moist closed forests.

Conservation status: Although this species has been rediscovered in the wild, known populations are severely degraded, and the overall reduction in recent years indicates that this species should be regarded as threatened. IUCN (1994) Red List status DD, probably EN.

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