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Cycas montana

Cycas montana A.Lindstr. & K.D.Hill, "Telopea 12(3):396–397, fig. 3. " (2009). H—BO
"TYPE: Indonesia, Flores, Mangarai province, Nggoang district, Ndara, Wae Moto village, 400 m, Lindstrom 248, 27 Apr 2000 (holo BO, iso UBC)."

Etymology: from the montain habitat.

Distinguishing features: Cycas montana is distinguished from other species in the region by the absence of a spongy endotesta, the green (non-glaucous) leaves, the persistent brown tomentum on the petiole, and the stiff, narrow leaflets.

Distribution and habitat: endemic on Flores, restricted to inland montane forests at higher altitudes.

Conservation status: Not thought to be at risk, although not reserved. IUCN (2001) Red List status NT.
Photo Anders Lindstrom


Stems arborescent, to 1.5 m. tall.

Leaves deep green, glossy, 223–248 cm long, 144–151 leaflets, with persistent brown tomentum; petiole 63–72 cm long (25–30% of total leaf), spinescent for c. 20% of length; basal leaflets not gradually reducing to spines, to 230 mm long.

Median leaflets simple, strongly discolorous, 230–248 mm long, 8–10 mm wide, decurrent for 7 mm, narrowed to 3–4 mm at base (30–40% of maximum width), 10–15 mm apart on rachis; section slightly keeled; margins distinctly recurved; apex acute or aristate, spinescent; midrib flat above, raised below, narrow.

Cataphylls narrowly triangular, soft.

Pollen cones not seen.

Megasporophylls 20–35 cm long, tomentum orange, persistent; ovules 2–6, glabrous; lamina lanceolate, 45–100 mm long, 20–40 mm wide, shallowly pectinate, with 14–40 pungent lateral spines 9–13 mm long, 1.5 mm wide; apical spine distinct from lateral spines, 25–40 mm long, 5–8 mm wide at base.

Seeds ovoid, 50–55 mm long, 30–45 mm wide; sarcotesta amber-brown, not pruinose; fibrous layer present; sclerotesta smooth, spongy endotesta absent.

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