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Cycas sphaerica

Cycas sphaerica Roxb., Fl. Ind.: 747 (1832). L—BM
"TYPE: ex hort. Calcutta, Roxburgh s.n., 1808 (lecto (fide Hill 1995) BM)."


Stems arborescent.

Leaves bright green, semiglossy, 150-270 cm long, flat (not keeled) in section (opposing leaflets inserted at 180° on rachis), tomentum shedding as leaf expands. Petiole 45-60 cm long, glabrous, spinescent for 90% of length. Basal leaflets not gradually reducing to spines.

Median leaflets simple, weakly discolorous, 200-300 mm long, 6-12 mm wide; section flat; margins flat; apex softly acuminate, not spinescent; midrib raised above, flat below.

Cataphylls narrowly triangular, soft, thinly sericeous or lacking tomentum, persistent.

Pollen cones narrowly ovoid, orange, 45 cm long, 10 cm diam.; microsporophyll lamina firm, not dorsiventrally thickened, 32-38 mm long, apical spine prominent, gradually raised, 17 mm long.

Megasporophylls 15-25 cm long, brown-tomentose; ovules 3-5, glabrous; lamina lanceolate, 38-55 mm long, regularly dentate, with pungent lateral spines 5-10 mm long, apical spine distinct from lateral spines, 17-25 mm long.

Seeds subglobose, 25 mm long; sarcotesta yellow; fibrous layer present; sclerotesta smooth. Spongy endocarp absent.

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