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Cycas tonkinensis

(L. Linden & Rodigas) Rodigas, Ill. hortic. 33: 27 (1886); Zamia tonkinensis L. Linden & Rodigas, Ill. hortic. 32: Planche 547. 1885.

TIn the absence of any known preserved specimens, the plate, planche 547 in Ill. hortic. 32 (1885) must be accepted as the type. This plate clearly shows numerous leaves with relatively short, thorny petioles and very broad leaflets tapering more or less equally towards both base and apex. This condition is not found in any known Vietnamese species, and may be an artifact of the illustration. The plate therefore cannot be matched unequivocally with any known species and, in the absence of a type specimen, the name must be excluded.

The Cycad Pages

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