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Dioon mejiae

Dioon mejiae Standl. & L.O. Williams, Ceiba 1: 36-38 (1951).
"TYPE: Honduras, Dept. El Paraiso, Danli, cult. in the garden of Dr Isadora Meija h., 17 Feb 1949, Standley16522 (holo US, iso EAP)."

Distribution and habitat: Honduras, Nicaragua

Conservation status: 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants category V.


Plants arborescent. Stem 1 m tall, 25 cm diam.

Leaves light or bright green, highly glossy, 100-200 cm long, flat (not keeled) in section (opposing leaflets inserted at 180° on rachis), with 120-200 leaflets; basal leaflets reducing to spines.

Leaflets lanceolate, weakly discolorous, not falcate, inserted at 90° to rachis, not overlapping; margins flat, entire; median leaflets 12-22 cm long, 12-17 mm wide.

Pollen cones fusiform, pale brown, 30-80 cm long, 8-10 cm diam.

Seed cones ovoid, pale brown, 30-50 cm long, 20-30 cm diam.

Seeds ovoid, 40-50 mm long, 30-40 mm wide, sarcotesta cream or white.

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