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Encephalartos mackenziei

Encephalartos mackenziei L.E.Newton, "Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 140: 187-192, figs 1-6" (2001). H—EA
"TYPE: Sudan, Equatorie Province, P.C. Mackenzie s.n., 11 Apr 1995 (holo EA)"

Etymology: Honouring Mr Paul Mackenzie, proprietor of the Rosslyn River Garden Centre, Nairobi and collector of the type specimen.

Historical notes: First collected and recognised as distinct in 1995

Distinguishing features: Distinguished from E. septentrionalis by the more robust habit with taller and thicker stems that sucker more freely from the base, the green leaves with the rachis not grooved between leaflets, the broader leaflets with 3 prickles near the base of the lower margin and lacking prickles along the upper margin, the larger, glabrous microsporophylls, the very much larger megasporophylls and the dark red seed

Distribution and habitat: South-eastern Sudan, seasonally dry open woodland on stony country.

Conservation: Apparently not at risk, although political unrest makes access to the region very difficult at present, possibly reducing potential threats but also precluding detailed study.

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