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Macrozamia heteromera

Macrozamia heteromera C. Moore, J. & Proc. Roy. Soc. New South Wales 17: 122 (1884). L—NSW
"TYPE: Australia, New South Wales, Warrumbungle Ranges, leg. ign., NSW40720 (lecto NSW, fide L.A.S. Johnson, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 84: 105 (1959). ?? C. Moore s.n., 1858; iso K)."[NSW]

Etymology: Greek, heteros, different, and -merus, part or member, in reference to the sometimes divided leaflets.

Historical notes:

Distinguishing features: A member of a complex of species that is defined by amphistomatic, almost concolorous leaves and leaflets that are frequently dichotomously branched. M. heteromera is distinguished by its bright green, narrow, usually divided leaflets and divided seedling leaflets.

Distribution and habitat: Distribution is mainly in the Warrumbungle Mountains and south-west of there. Scattered in dry sclerophyll woodlands on infertile siliceous soils over acid volcanics.

Conservation status: Not considered to be at risk (IUCN Red List category LR,lc).
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Plants acaulescent, stem 15-25 cm diam.

Leaves 2-8 in crown, bright green, semiglossy to dull, 50-90 cm long, moderately keeled, with 60-100 leaflets; rachis not spirally twisted to moderately spirally twisted, straight, stiff or recurved, arching stiffly downwards; petiole 15-20 cm long, straight, unarmed, 6-9 mm wide at lowest leaflets; basal leaflets not reducing to spines.

Leaflets dichotomously branched, concolorous to weakly discolorous; margins flat; apex entire, not spinescent; median leaflets 140-210 mm long, 1.5-4 mm wide.

Pollen cones fusiform, 14-21 cm long, 4.5-5.5 cm diam.; microsporophyll lamina 16-21 mm long, 12-19 mm wide; apical spine 1-10 mm long.

Seed cones ovoid, 12-17 cm long, 7-9 cm diam.; megasporophyll lamina 26-31 mm long, megasporophyll with an expanded peltate apex 40-50 mm wide, 15-20 mm high; apical spine 2-25 mm long.

Seeds flattened-ovoid, 26-31 mm long, 20-25 mm wide; sarcotesta red.

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