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Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi

Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi W. Hill & F. Muell., Fragm. 1: 86 (1859). H—MEL
"TYPE: Australia, Queensland, Vicinity of Moreton Bay, W.Hill s.n. (holo ?MEL; iso K)."

Etymology: Honouring () Paul William (Latinised to Pauli-Guilielmi), Prince of Wurtemburg

Historical notes:

Distinguishing features: A member of a complex of species characterised by strongly spirally twisted leaves with narrow, incurved leaflets. Separated within this group by the very narrow, light green leaflets.

Distribution and habitat: Southern Queensland, Burnett, Darling Downs and western Moreton districts. Scattered in open woodland, almost always on siliceous sand deposits from old beach dunes.

Conservation status: Threatened. Gazetted as a Rare or Threatened Plant under Queensland Nature Conservation legislation.

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