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Editorial policy
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Editorial policy

Objective: To produce a peer-reviewed scientific journal for the publication of high quality papers, with a focus on systematic botany in Australasia and the Asia-Pacific, that is accessible to readers and contributors alike. TELOPEA considers scientific papers and critical reviews that aim to advance systematic botany and related aspects of biogeography and evolution of all plant groups. The recognition, description and publication of new plant taxa are the first steps in providing baseline data for our knowledge of biodiversity. Phylogenetic analysis of morphological or molecular data is the next step in understanding the importance of our biodiversity.

Editorial Process: All papers are reviewed by the Editorial Committee and refereed by the most appropriate international experts.

Scientific Editor and Chair of Editorial Committee: Russell L. Barrett

Associate Editors and Editorial Committee: James Clugston, Marco Duretto, Richard Jobson, Peter G. Wilson 

Typesetting and Production: Chris Wallace

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