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Hunter, John T. and Williams, John B. (18 Nov 1994) A new species of Brachyloma and three new subspecies of B. daphnoides (Epacridaceae) from south-eastern Australia. Telopea 6(1) : 1-7.
Full Article pdf (2.4MB)
Archer, Alan W. and Elix, John A. (18 Nov 1994) The lichens of Lord Howe Island. 1. Introduction and the genus Pertusaria (Pertusariaceae). Telopea 6(1) : 9-30.
Full Article pdf (5.8MB)
Weston, Peter H. and Johnson, Lawrence AS (18 Nov 1994) Three new species of Persoonia (Proteaceae) from Queensland. Telopea 6(1) : 31-37.
Full Article pdf (2.3MB)
Conran, John G. (18 Nov 1994) The Geitonoplesiaceae Dahlgren ex Conran (Liliiflorae: Asparagales): A new family of monocotyledons. Telopea 6(1) : 39-41.
Full Article pdf (1.9MB)
Maslin, Bruce R. (18 Nov 1994) Notes on Acacia adunca and A. linearifolia and the description of a new subspecies of A. junciflora (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) from eastern Australia. Telopea 6(1) : 43-51.
Full Article pdf (2.5MB)
Weston, Peter H. (18 Nov 1994) The Western Australian species of subtribe Persooniinae (Proteaceae: Persoonioideae: Persoonieae). Telopea 6(1) : 51-165.
Full Article pdf (14.2MB)
Stace, Helen M. and Leach, Gregory J. (18 Nov 1994) Cytological notes in Rutaceae. 2: Neobrynesia suberosa. Telopea 6(1) : 167-168.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Forster, Paul I. (18 Nov 1994) Omalanthus nutans (Euphorbiaceae), the correct name for the 'Native Bleeding Heart' or 'Native Poplar' of Australia. Telopea 6(1) : 169-171.
Full Article pdf (2MB)
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