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Foster, Charles S.P. and Conn, Barry J. (08 Mar 2013) Status of Logania imbricata (Guillaumin) Steenis & Leenh. (Loganiaceae). Telopea 15 : 1-4.
Full Article pdf (333KB)
Heslewood, Margaret M. and Wilson, Peter G. (08 Mar 2013) A new combination in Ackama (Cunoniaceae). Telopea 15 : 5-7.
Full Article pdf (194.2KB)
Conn, Barry J. and Damas, K.D.Q. (11 Apr 2013) A new species of Saurauia (Actinidiaceae) from Papua New Guinea. Telopea 15 : 9-12.
Full Article pdf (419.2KB)
Chambers, T. Carrick (11 Apr 2013) A review of the genusStenochlaena (Blechnaceae, subfamily Stenochlaenoideae). Telopea 15 : 13-36.
Full Article pdf (5MB)
Gibbons, Kerry L., Conn, Barry J. and Henwood, Murray J. (30 May 2013) Adelphacme (Loganiaceae), a new genus from south-western Australia. Telopea 15 : 37-43.
Full Article pdf (248.6KB)
Linis, Virgilio C. and Tan, Benito C. (30 May 2013) Eight additional new records of Philippine mosses. Telopea 15 : 45-49.
Full Article pdf (214.8KB)
Telford, Ian R. (30 May 2013) Phebalium speciosum (Rutaceae: Boronieae), an endangered, narrowly endemic new species of north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 15 : 51-55.
Full Article pdf (936KB)
Crowden, R.K. (23 Aug 2013) Emendments to Sprengelia Sm., (Epacridoideae Ericaceae), Tasmania, Australia. Telopea 15 : 57-65.
Full Article pdf (6.2MB)
Weston, Peter H. and Woods, Lisa A. (23 Aug 2013) Correction of a typographical error in the protologue of Banksia conferta A.S.George var. penicillata A.S. George. Telopea 15 : 67-69.
Full Article pdf (8.2MB)
Kodela, Phillip G. (04 Sep 2013) Lectotypification of Acacia gardneri, A. obtecta, A. sparsiflora and A. whitei (Fabaceae, Mimosoideae). Telopea 15 : 71-80.
Full Article pdf (3.1MB)
Telford, Ian R., Edwards, F. John and Copeland, Lachlan M. (18 Sep 2013) Bursaria cayzerae (Pittosporaceae), a vulnerable new species from north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 15 : 81-85.
Full Article pdf (2.5MB)
Gandhi, Dhara, Albert, Susy and Pandya, Neeta (25 Sep 2013) Morphometric analysis of caryopses in nine species of Eragrostis (Poaceae) from India using SEM and light microscopy. Telopea 15 : 87-97.
Full Article pdf (3.3MB)
Gibson, Robert P. (03 Oct 2013) Drosera bulbosa subsp. coronata (Droseraceae) from the northern goldfields region of Western Australia. Telopea 15 : 99-105.
Full Article pdf (2.4MB)
Ford, Andrew J. and Conn, Barry J. (03 Oct 2013) Rediscovery of Prostanthera albohirta C.T.White (Lamiaceae). Telopea 15 : 107-110.
Full Article pdf (673.5KB)
Archer, Alan W. and Elix, John A. (10 Oct 2013) New species of Pertusaria (Pertusariaceae) from Australia and New Zealand. Telopea 15 : 111-117.
Full Article pdf (3.2MB)
Kodela, Phillip G. and Tindale, Mary D. (10 Oct 2013) Acacia alaticaulis and A. kulnurensis (Fabaceae, Mimosoideae), rare new species from New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 15 : 119-126.
Full Article pdf (832.3KB)
Jobson, Richard W. (25 Oct 2013) Five new species of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) from Australia. Telopea 15 : 127-142.
Full Article pdf (1.1MB)
Spence, John R. and Ramsay, Helen P. (31 Oct 2013) Additions to and nomenclatural changes in the Bryaceae (Bryopsida) in Australia. Telopea 15 : 143-148.
Full Article pdf (128.8KB)
Conn, Barry J., Wilson, Trevor C., Henwood, Murray J. and Proft, Kirstin M. (01 Nov 2013) Circumscription and phylogenetic relationships of Prostanthera densa and P. marifolia (Lamiaceae). Telopea 15 : 149-164.
Full Article pdf (4.5MB)
Edens-Meier, Retha M., Westhus, Eric and Bernhardt, Peter (08 Nov 2013) Floral biology of large-flowered Thelymitra species (Orchidaceae) and their hybrids in Western Australia. Telopea 15 : 165-183.
Full Article pdf (10.7MB)
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