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Murray, Louisa J. and Conn, Barry J. (27 Feb 2014) Elizabeth Anne Brown 15 November 1956 – 17 November 2013. Telopea 17 : 1-10.
Full Article pdf (1.8MB)
Archer, Alan W. and Elix, John A. (27 Feb 2014) A new species in the lichen genus Pertusaria from Brazil. Telopea 17 : 11-13.
Full Article pdf (1.7MB)
Edens-Meier, Retha M., Raguso, Robert A., Westhus, Eric and Bernhardt, Peter (21 Mar 2014) Floral fraudulence: do blue Thelymitra species (Orchidaceae) mimic Orthrosanthus laxus (Iridaceae)?. Telopea 17 : 15-28.
Full Article pdf (3.3MB)
Briggs, Barbara G (21 Mar 2014) Desmocladus (Restionaceae) enlarged to include the Western Australian genera Harperia, Kulinia and Onychosepalum. Telopea 17 : 29-33.
Full Article pdf (225.3KB)
Özdemir, Turan and Batan, Nevzat (08 May 2014) New and noteworthy moss records for Turkey and Southwest Asia. Telopea 17 : 35-42.
Full Article pdf (4.9MB)
Orchard, Anthony E. (12 May 2014) The dispersal of Allan Cunningham’s botanical (and other) collections. Telopea 17 : 43-86.
Full Article pdf (22MB)
Srivastava, Ruchi and Uniyal, Prem Lal (13 May 2014) In-vitro developmental studies of Cheilanthes farinosa (Forssk.) Kaulf. (Pteridaceae). Telopea 17 : 87-91.
Full Article pdf (403.4KB)
Pócs, Tamás (11 Jun 2014) Elizabeth A. Brown, a splendid tour guide, friendly companion and excellent collector. Telopea 17 : 93-97.
Full Article pdf (2.4MB)
Orel, George and Curry, Anthony S. (16 Jul 2014) A new species of Camellia section Dalatia (Theaceae) from Vietnam. Telopea 17 : 99-105.
Full Article pdf (3MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (11 Aug 2014) Radula subg. Radula in Australasia and the Pacific (Jungermanniopsida). Telopea 17 : 107-167.
Full Article pdf (3.6MB)
Conn, Barry J. (11 Aug 2014) Ocimum L. (Lamiaceae) in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Telopea 17 : 169-181.
Full Article pdf (367.8KB)
Braggins, John E., Renner, Matthew A. and de Lange, Peter J. (25 Aug 2014) Additions to the liverwort flora of the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand Botanical Region. Telopea 17 : 183-194.
Full Article pdf (7.2MB)
Printarakul, Narin, Tan, Benito C., Wongkuna-Thanaoppakun, Kanjana and Santanachote, Kanya (28 Aug 2014) The Indian connection of the Thailand moss flora, with two new species of Fissidens. Telopea 17 : 195-215.
Full Article pdf (8.6MB)
Henwood, Murray J. (28 Aug 2014) Hydrocotyle rivularis: a new trifoliolate species from south-eastern Australia. Telopea 17 : 217–221.
Full Article pdf (685.3KB)
Shevock, James R., Yang, Jia-Dong and Tan, Benito C. (28 Aug 2014) New moss records for Taiwan. Telopea 17 : 223-228.
Full Article pdf (228.3KB)
Thouvenot, Louis and Reeb, Catherine (02 Sep 2014) Riccardia elisabethae, a new species of Aneuraceae (Marchantiophyta) from New Caledonia. Telopea 17 : 229-232.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Cairns, Andi and Meagher, David A. (09 Sep 2014) Clastobryophilum (Bryophyta: Sematophyllaceae) new to the Australian flora. Telopea 17 : 233-237.
Full Article pdf (5.6MB)
Downing, Alison J., Peacock, Ross and Ramsay, Helen P. (15 Sep 2014) Some new and noteworthy bryophytes from Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) forests of north-eastern New South Wales. Telopea 17 : 239-250.
Full Article pdf (7.5MB)
Brown, Elizabeth A. and Renner, Matthew A. (07 Oct 2014) The genus Acromastigum in Australia. Telopea 17 : 251-293.
Full Article pdf (22.6MB)
Meagher, David A. and Cairns, Andi (13 Oct 2014) Entodontopsis (Bryophyta: Stereophyllaceae) new to the Australian flora. Telopea 17 : 295-301.
Full Article pdf (3.1MB)
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