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Elix, John A. (19 Jan 2016) New species and new records of buellioid lichens from islands of the South Pacific Ocean. Telopea 19 : 1-10.
Full Article pdf (2.4MB)
Renner, Matthew A., Engel, John J. and Vana, Jiri (05 Feb 2016) A tiny taxonomic thorn: Brevianthus hypocanthidium and Aponardia huerlimannii are one and the same. Telopea 19 : 11-12.
Full Article pdf (218.7KB)
Conn, Barry J., Henwood, Murray J., Proft, Kirstin M. and Wilson, Trevor C. (10 Feb 2016) Molecular phylogenetics reveals a new species of Prostanthera from tropical Queensland with links to more southerly taxa. Telopea 19 : 13-22.
Full Article pdf (2.1MB)
Mathew, Jose, George, Kadakasseril V. and Yohannan, Regy (30 Mar 2016) Piper rukshagandhum (Piperaceae): a new species from southern Western Ghats, India. Telopea 19 : 23-29.
Full Article pdf (1.5MB)
McCarthy, P. M. and Elix, John A. (04 Apr 2016) A new species of Micarea (lichenized Ascomycota, Pilocarpaceae) from alpine Australia. Telopea 19 : 31-35.
Full Article pdf (567.2KB)
Meagher, David A. and Cairns, Andi (04 Apr 2016) Meteoriopsis undulata Horik. & Nog. (Bryophyta: Meteoriaceae) new to the Australian flora. Telopea 19 : 37-44.
Full Article pdf (2MB)
Wilson, P. G. and Heslewood, Margaret M. (28 Apr 2016) Phylogenetic position of Meteoromyrtus (Myrtaceae). Telopea 19 : 45-55.
Full Article pdf (0B)
Ma, Wen-Zhang, Shevock, James R. and Enroth, Johannes (30 May 2016) Notes on the rediscovery of mosses Anomodon perlingulatus (Anomodontaceae) and Curvicladium kurzii (Neckeraceae) in Yunnan, China. Telopea 19 : 57-63.
Full Article pdf (1.3MB)
Karakas, Mustafa and Ezer, Tülay (30 May 2016) Two new moss records in the family Grimmiaceae from Turkey, Southwest Asia. Telopea 19 : 65-72.
Full Article pdf (8.2MB)
Olde, Peter M. (04 Jul 2016) Triunia names and lectotypifications: reply to Guymer and Forster. Telopea 19 : 73-78.
Full Article pdf (0B)
Renner, Matthew A. (04 Jul 2016) Three’s a crowd: a revision of the monotypic family Goebeliellaceae (Porellales: Jungermanniopsida). Telopea 19 : 79-97.
Full Article pdf (6.5MB)
Joe, Alfred, Sreejith, Edakkattellam and Sabu, Mamiyil (04 Jul 2016) Genus Ensete (Musaceae) in India. Telopea 19 : 99-112.
Full Article pdf (4.2MB)
Juswara, Lina S. and Ormerod, Paul (25 Jul 2016) Revision of Goodyera rubicunda (Orchidaceae: Goodyerinae). Telopea 19 : 113-124.
Full Article pdf (1.7MB)
Wen, Fang and Wei, Yi-Gang (30 Aug 2016) Paraboea yunfuensis: a new calcicolous species of Gesneriaceae from Yunfu, Guangdong Province, China. Telopea 19 : 125-129.
Full Article pdf (0B)
Juswara, Lina S. and Schuiteman, A. (30 Aug 2016) Dendrobium armeniacum P.J.Cribb, a new record for Indonesian New Guinea. Telopea 19 : 131-135.
Full Article pdf (3.1MB)
McCarthy, Patrick and Elix, John A. (30 Aug 2016) Five new lichen species (Ascomycota) from south-eastern Australia. Telopea 19 : 137-151.
Full Article pdf (3.9MB)
Kodela, Phillip G. and Jobson, Richard W. (02 Sep 2016) Lysimachia nummularia (Primulaceae) naturalised in New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 19 : 153-157.
Full Article pdf (0B)
Archer, A. W. and Elix, John A. (08 Nov 2016) Additional taxa and new reports in the genus Pertusaria (Pertusariales, lichenised Ascomycotina) from Queensland and Norfolk Island (Australia). Telopea 19 : 159-171.
Full Article pdf (5.7MB)
Robi, A J. and Udayan, P S. (08 Nov 2016) Typification of ten taxa in the genus Actinodaphne Nees (Lauraceae) in India. Telopea 19 : 173-184.
Full Article pdf (3.2MB)
Das Das, Moumita, Giri, G. S., Pramanik, A and Maity, Debabrata (08 Nov 2016) Memecylon macneillianum (Melastomataceae), a new species from South Andaman, India. Telopea 19 : 185-191.
Full Article pdf (2.3MB)
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