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Cairns, Andi, Meagher, David A. and Ramsay, Helen P. (08 Apr 2019) A revised checklist of the moss flora of the Australian Wet Tropics. Telopea 22 : 1-30.
Full Article pdf (2.9MB)
Duretto, Marco F. (08 Apr 2019) New subspecies for the south-west Western Australian species Boronia clavata and B. denticulata (Rutaceae). Telopea 22 : 31-39.
Full Article pdf (4.4MB)
Chambers, T. Carrick and Wilson, P. G. (15 Apr 2019) A revision of Blechnum vulcanicum (Blume) Kuhn and related taxa (Blechnaceae) in Malesia and Oceania. Telopea 22 : 41-59.
Full Article pdf (958.9KB)
Nicolle, Dean, George, A. S. and Wilson, P. G. (20 Jun 2019) Application of the name Eucalyptus obtusiflora DC. (Myrtaceae). Telopea 22 : 61-66.
Full Article pdf (1.5MB)
Alvarez, Philippa R. and Duretto, Marco F. (20 Jun 2019) Leionema praetermissum (Rutaceae), a new restricted endemic for New South Wales. Telopea 22 : 67-73.
Full Article pdf (2.9MB)
Wilson, Trevor C., Carmen, Paul and Hook, Cathy (16 Aug 2019) Recircumscription of Prostanthera denticulata R.Br. (Lamiaceae, Westringieae) and the new species P. crocodyloides T.C.Wilson. Telopea 22 : 75-87.
Full Article pdf (19.4MB)
Beveridge, Peter and Shepherd, Lara (20 Sep 2019) Molecular and morphological evidence support the reinstatement of Cheilolejeunea comitans from synonymy of C. krakakammae.. Telopea 22 : 89-98.
Full Article pdf (3.6MB)
Spence, John R. and Ramsay, Helen P. (20 Sep 2019) Revised keys and additions to the Australian Bryaceae (Bryopsida). Telopea 22 : 99-134.
Full Article pdf (8.7MB)
Duretto, Marco F. (16 Aug 2019) Zieria fordii and Z. wilhelminae (Rutaceae), two new and restricted Queensland species segregated from the morphologically similar and widespread Z. cytisoides. Telopea 22 : 135-140.
Full Article pdf (25.6MB)
Kaplan, Zdenek, Fehrer, Judith and Jobson, Richard W. (03 Oct 2019) Discovery of the Northern Hemisphere hybrid Potamogeton ×salicifolius in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Telopea 22 : 141-151.
Full Article pdf (1.7MB)
de Lange, Peter J. and Parris, B. (20 Sep 2019) New combinations in Cranfillia (Blechnaceae: Polypodiopsida) for recent segregates of the Blechnum vulcanicum complex. Telopea 22 : 153-156.
Full Article pdf (438.4KB)
Renner, Matthew A. (20 Sep 2019) A nomenclatural history for Plectorrhiza purpurata (Orchidaceae). Telopea 22 : 157-159.
Full Article pdf (423.2KB)
Maslin, Bruce R., Thomson, L. and Mabberley, David J. (09 Oct 2019) Acacia × mangiiformis hybrida nova (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae), a wattle of commercial importance in Asia. Telopea 22 : 161-167.
Full Article pdf (7.2MB)
Glenny, David S. and Renner, Matthew A. (15 Oct 2019) A new species of Cololejeunea (Marchantiophyta, Lejeuneaceae) from New Zealand. Telopea 22 : 169-178.
Full Article pdf (41.2MB)
Renner, Matthew A. and Field, A. R. (16 Oct 2019) The filmy fern Hymenophyllum reinwardtii (Hymenophyllaceae) newly recorded for Australia. Telopea 22 : 185-191.
Full Article pdf (3.4MB)
Mustaqim, Wendy A. and Ardi, Wisnu H. (28 Nov 2019) Ericaceae of Sulawesi: A new species of Diplycosia, a new variety of Vaccinium paludicolum and one rediscovery. Telopea 22 : 193-204.
Full Article pdf (2.8MB)
Beveridge, Peter, Glenny, David S. and Shepherd, Lara (19 Dec 2019) Cheilolejeunea rodneyi Bever. & Glenny (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiopsida), a new species from lowland indigenous forests in New Zealand. Telopea 22 : 205-217.
Full Article pdf (3.3MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (19 Dec 2019) Two new combinations in Corybas and Genoplesium (Orchidaceae) for New South Wales. Telopea 22 : 219-224.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
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