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Ramsay, Helen P., Seppelt, Rodney D. and Downing, Alison J. (31 Mar 2020) The genus Trematodon (Bruchiaceae) in Australia. Telopea 23 : 1-19.
Full Article pdf (7.8MB)
Jobson, R. W. and Davies-Colley, Taylor (23 Apr 2020) Redescription of the suspended aquatic Utricularia aurea Lour. (sect. Utricularia) and a new species U. adamsii for northern Australia. Telopea 23 : 21-33.
Full Article pdf (4.8MB)
Baleeiro, Paulo C., Jobson, R. W. and Barrett, Russell L. (29 Apr 2020) Drosera stipularis, a new species for the D. petiolaris complex from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Telopea 23 : 35-40.
Full Article pdf (1.4MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (29 May 2020) Opportunities and challenges presented by cryptic bryophyte species. Telopea 23 : 41-60.
Full Article pdf (674.2KB)
Jobson, R. W. and Cherry, Wayne A. (27 May 2020) Utricularia gaagudju, a new species for the Northern Territory, and a recircumscription of U. kimberleyensis C.A.Gardner. Telopea 23 : 61-68.
Full Article pdf (1.4MB)
Jackes, B. R. (27 May 2020) Transfer of three species of Cayratia Juss., to Causonis Raf. (Vitaceae). Telopea 23 : 69-71.
Full Article pdf (136KB)
Bell, Stephen A.J. and Klaphake, Van (25 May 2020) Eucalyptus calidissima (Myrtaceae), a new ironbark species from the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 23 : 73-87.
Full Article pdf (4.1MB)
Wilson, Peter G. (11 Jun 2020) Additional species in the Indigofera haplophylla group (Fabaceae: Faboideae). Telopea 23 : 89-93.
Full Article pdf (2MB)
Barrett, Russell L., Wilson, Karen L. and Bruhl, Jeremy J. (02 Jul 2020) Reinstatement and revision of the genus Chaetospora (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae). Telopea 23 : 95-112.
Full Article pdf (3.1MB)
Wilson, Peter G. and Rowe, Ross R.M. (09 Jul 2020) A new species of Indigofera (Fabaceae: Faboideae) from Central Australia. Telopea 23 : 113-117.
Full Article pdf (844.7KB)
Telford, Ian R. and Bruhl, Jeremy J. (04 Sep 2020) Dodonaea crucifolia (Sapindaceae, Dodonaeoideae), a new species from north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. Telopea 23 : 119-125.
Full Article pdf (1.2MB)
Meagher, David A. (24 Aug 2020) Corrections to the bryophyte names Porella cranfordi and Temnoma townrowii, and a note on Pyrrhobryum paramattense. Telopea 23 : 127-130.
Full Article pdf (142.5KB)
Ford, Andrew J. and Duretto, Marco F. (24 Aug 2020) Phebalium cicatricatum (Rutaceae), a newly described and Critically Endangered species from north-eastern Queensland, Australia. Telopea 23 : 131-136.
Full Article pdf (777.3KB)
van Zanten, B. O., During, Hein J. and Sollman, Philip (28 Sep 2020) Some bryophytes newly reported for the Australian continent. Telopea 23 : 137-139.
Full Article pdf (130.4KB)
Bell, Stephen A.J. and Nicolle, Dean (16 Sep 2020) Glen Gallic Mallee (Eucalyptus dealbata subsp. aperticola, Myrtaceae), a new taxon from the sandstone escarpment of the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Telopea 23 : 141-150.
Full Article pdf (2.6MB)
Wilson, Karen L. (26 Oct 2020) New combination for Uncinia flaccida in Carex (Cyperaceae). Telopea 23 : 151-153.
Full Article pdf (129.1KB)
Renner, Matthew A. (29 Sep 2020) Flower size variation in Danhatchia (Orchidaceae). Telopea 23 : 155-162.
Full Article pdf (817.3KB)
Mustaqim, Wendy A. and Putra, Hirmas F. (04 Nov 2020) Thottea tapanuliensis (Aristolochiaceae): a new species from Sumatra, Indonesia. Telopea 23 : 163-168.
Full Article pdf (2.2MB)
Beveridge, Peter, Glenny, David S. and Shepherd, Lara (02 Nov 2020) DNA sequencing supports the reinstatement of Pycnolejeunea glauca from synonymy of Cheilolejeunea intertexta, as Cheilolejeunea glauca comb. nov. (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiophyta). Telopea 23 : 169-179.
Full Article pdf (1.3MB)
Renner, Matthew A. (16 Nov 2020) Cololejeunea reniformis, a new species from the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia (Lejeuneaceae: Marchantiophyta). Telopea 23 : 181-186.
Full Article pdf (877.8KB)
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