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Family Juncaginaceae

Synonyms: Lilaeaceae APNI*

Description: Annual or perennial glabrous herbs, tufted or rhizomatous, often with tubers, rarely bulbous, emergent when aquatic.

Leaves basal, ± linear to terete, often spongy, erect to floating; leaf sheath open, apically tapered, ligulate or auriculate.

Inflorescence a raceme or spike, usually bractless, terminal on an axillary scape, rarely also with 2 sessile female flowers at scape base. Flowers mostly bisexual, sometimes unisexual. Perianth often of 3 free tepals or of 6 in 2 similar alternate whorls, less commonly tepals 0 or 1–5, deciduous. Stamens 1–6, each inserted on base of tepal and falling with it; anthers sessile or subsessile, 2-locular, longitudinally dehiscent, extrorse, each shorter than its tepal and usually enveloped by it. Gynoecium superior; carpels usually 1 or 3–6, sometimes 2, 7 or 8, free or united ventrally, often 3 of the carpels sterile and forming a central axis; ovule 1 per carpel, basal or apical; style mostly short and thick, rarely thread-like; stigma papillose or hairy.

Fertile fruiting carpels hard or follicle-like or an achene, indehiscent or opening ventrally, mostly separating and falling at maturity; 3 fertile carpels alternating with the 3 sterile ones of the central axis when this is present. Seed solitary, non-endospermic; embryo straight.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 3 genera, 35 species, subcosmopolitan, mostly temperate, but cente of specific diveristy in Australia. Australia: 2 genera, c. 20 species, all States.

External links:
Angiosperm Phylogeny Website (Family: Juncaginaceae, Order: Alismatales)

The genus Maundia was previously in this family but it is now placed in its own family Maundiaceae.

Text by Adapted from Aston (Fl Australia 39, 2011) by B.G. Briggs and P.G. Kodela (September 2021). Added by Kerry Gibbons 22 May 2023.
Taxon concept: APG IV; Flora of Australia Online [accessed 22 May 2023].

Taxa not yet included in identification key

 Key to the genera 
1Plants with rhizomes and tuberous roots, leaves ± flattened, eligulate, fruits without carpophore (stalk)Cycnogeton
Plants with bulbs or rhizomes, leaves semi-terete, ligulate or auriculate, fruits mostly with carpophore (stalk)Triglochin

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