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Genus Abutilon Family Malvaceae

Description: Shrubs or herbs.

Leaves alternate, often cordate, angular or lobed, mostly broad.

Flowers on solitary axillary peduncles that are articulate near the flower. Epicalyx absent. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals mostly yellow. Staminal column divided apically into numerous filaments. Ovary loculi c. 5, each with 3–9 ovules; style branches as many as loculi, filiform to clavate, stigmatose only at apex.

Mature carpels rounded, angled or awned, 2-valved; seeds ± reniform.

Distribution and occurrence: World: >100 species in tropical & subtropical regions. Australia: c. 30 species, all mainland States, mainly tropical

Text by A. S. Mitchell & E. H. Norris
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Abutilon megapotamicum,    Abutilon pictum

 Key to the species 
1Mericarps distinctly awned at upper outer edge2
Mericarps obtuse or angled at upper outer edge4
2Fruit black, c. 20 mm diamAbutilon theophrasti
Fruit green, less than 10 mm diam
                       Back to 1
3Fruit only slightly exceeding calyxAbutilon malvifolium
Fruit usually twice as long as calyx
                       Back to 2
Abutilon oxycarpum
4Fruit either papery or straight-sided and truncate; corolla 3–14 mm long5
Fruit divergent and depressed, not papery; corolla 10–25 mm long
                       Back to 1
5Fruit papery, divergent and depressed; corolla 12–14 mm longAbutilon halophilum
Fruit hard, green, straight-sided and truncate; corolla 3–4 mm long
                       Back to 4
Abutilon macrum
6Corolla more or less equalling calyx7
Corolla much longer than calyx
                       Back to 4
7Calyx strongly 5-keeled in lower half, depressed in centre in fruit; pubescence velvety-greyAbutilon otocarpum
Calyx not as above; pubescence hoary, usually blue-green
                       Back to 6
Abutilon cryptopetalum
8Corolla less than 25 mm long; calyx lobes longer than tube9
Corolla more than 25 mm long; calyx lobes shorter than tube
                       Back to 6
9Calyx 7–8 mm long; stipules linear-subulate; flowers always solitaryAbutilon fraseri
Calyx 10–15 mm long; stipules narrow-ovate; flowers often in few-flowered panicles
                       Back to 8
Abutilon grandifolium
10Calyx narrow-tubular; mericarps angledAbutilon tubulosum
Calyx broad-tubular, campanulate; mericarps obtuse
                       Back to 8
Abutilon leucopetalum

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