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Genus Agiortia Family Ericaceae
Subfamily Epacridoideae

Description: Shrubs to 1.5 m high.

Leaves alternate, spreading or ascending. Winter bud scales falling during first season.

Inflorescenses terminal or in the upper axils, of 2-several flowers plus a bud-like rudiment. Flowers subtended by a bract and 2 keeled bracteoles, often distinctly pedunculate. Corolla tube longer than sepals; corolla lobes hairy.

Distribution and occurrence: 3 species in north-eastern NSW and south-eastern Qld.

Named in honour of the late Mrs Peggy Agior-Tis, long time friend and resident of Innisfail, North Queensland.

Text by L. Murray
Taxon concept: Quinn, C.J. et al. (2005) Australian Systematic Botany 18, 439-454.

 Key to the species 
1Leaves up to 2.5 mm wide, strongly discolorous, margins distinctly revolute, tapering to a prominent aristate apex, pungent; veins prominently raised abaxially, unbranched, c. 5; flowers not pedicellate above the bracteolesAgiortia cicatricata
Leaves up to 5 mm wide, discolorous or not, margins flat or only slightly incurved, the apex blunt or acute but not pungent; veins distinct on the abaxial surface but not prominently raised, numerous, subparallel, branching distally and to the margins; flowers shortly pedicellate above the bracteoles2
2Lamina discolorous, abaxial surface glaucous and bearing lines of minute papillae between the veinsAgiortia pedicellata
Lamina not markedly discolorous, abaxial surface paler green but not glaucous, without lines of papillae between the veins
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Agiortia pleiosperma

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